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A Doll’s House Pdf – About The Book
Author: Henrik Ibsen
Total Pages (PDF) 130
Total Pages (FLIP) 130
Pdf Size 1.062 MB
Flip Size 23.336 MB
Language English
Genre Realistic Prose Drama
Rights Henrik Ibsen (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
Pdf / Flip Link Available For Free Download

A Doll’s House Pdf Book Summary

A Doll’s House is a play consisting of three acts. The author of the play is Henrik Ibsen. It takes place at the Helmers. Through the summary of the dollhouse, we will briefly learn about the events of the game.

Torvald Helmer is a lawyer who gets promoted at his workplace, a bank. He has a wife Nora and three children. Nora was very happy with the promotion because she believed it would solve her previous money problems.

Therefore, the summary of the dollhouse will lead us to his way of finding solutions to these problems. Nora sometimes sews, but her husband doesn’t seem to work for her.

He did not consider her equal and treated her like a child. Torvald makes Nora feel like she doesn’t understand how the world works. It was Christmas time when Mrs. Linde arrived at their home.

Mrs. Linde is an old friend and now lives alone after her husband’s death. So Nora wants to help him by getting Torvald to offer him a job. Nora reveals Mrs. Linde’s secret that no one knows. Eight years later, Torvald was very ill and his doctor advised him to move to Italy. Nora doesn’t have enough money, so after forging her father’s signature, she borrows it from Krogstad.

a doll's house pdf

Since then, Nora has been trying to plan ways to pay off her debt. Krogstad arrived at Nora’s house as Mrs. Linde was leaving. She learns of her husband’s promotion and threatens to expose her forgery to her husband. In the second act of the dollhouse summary, we learn that Torvald leaves Krogstad and hires Mrs. Linde. This worries Nora and convinces Torvald not to burn Krogstad.

Well, Krogstad doesn’t want Nora to keep her money, but his job and actually get a better one. He threatens to send another letter to Torvald that will expose his deception. He did his best to avoid Torvald checking the mailbox. In the final act of the dollhouse summary, we learn that Mrs. Linde and Krogstad are old lovers. They return and Krogstad decides to take back his letter to Torvald. But Torvald got his hands on it.

When he finds out, he insults Nora and blames her father for the bad behavior. Then they received another letter in which Krogstad fired her. Torvald is happy and decides to forgive Nora.

However, Nora is now upset about how all the men in her life are treating her. She decided to leave Torvald and explore on her own. Nora wanted to be independent and closed the door on her exit.

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About the Author

Henrik Johan Ibsen (/ˈɪbsən/; Norwegian: [ˈhɛ̀nrɪk ˈɪ̀psn̩]; 20 March 1828 – 23 May 1906) was a Norwegian playwright and theater director. As one of the founders of modernism in the theater, Ibsen is often called the “father of realism” and one of the most influential playwrights of his time. Read online or download a free copy of a dolls house pdf and flip ebooks right above this paragraph.
Portrait by Henrik Olrik, 1879
His major works include Brand, Peer Gynt, The Public Enemy, The Emperor and the Galilean, A Doll’s House, Hedda Gabler, Ghosts, The Wild Duck, When We Wake, Rosmersholm and The Master Builder. After Shakespeare, Ibsen is the most played playwright in the world and A Doll’s House was the biggest play in the world in 2006. Learn more about the Author here: Henrik Ibsen.

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