A Girl of The Limberlost

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Description of the Book

Cornfields, soybean fields, alfalfa fields… Indiana has long been considered farmland. But in order to make it a profitable agricultural situation, most of the land must be cleared, leaving the destroyed homes. Limberlost, a wetland in northern Indiana, has been destroyed by irrigation, logging, and oil production.

Gene Stratton-Porter, a 20th-century historian, captured the beauty of the swamp in books like A Girl of the Limberlost, a novel about an intelligent, ambitious girl of her own. and his mother lives in a failing wetland and pays for it. schools by collecting local species of moths to sell to naturalists.

The book is not exactly an environmental tract, but it pretends to be: it makes the beauty and richness of the swamp while showing how simple economic power makes the owners of the land robs them.



The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Pdf – About The Book
Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Total Pages (PDF) 324
Total Pages (FLIP) 324
Pdf Size 2.646 MB
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Language English
Genre Fiction, Novel
Rights Gene Stratton-Porter (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

Gene Stratton-Porter (August 17, 1863 – December 6, 1924), born Geneva Grace Stratton, was an American author, wildlife photographer, and naturalist from Wabash County, Indiana.

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In 1917, Stratton-Porter requested congressional support for the protection of Limberlost Swamp and other Indiana wetlands. He was also a silent film producer who founded his own production company, Gene Stratton Porter Productions, in 1924.

You can learn more about the author if you follow this link here: Gene Stratton-Porter


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