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A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals Pdf – About The Book
Author: Percy J. Billinghurst
Total Pages (PDF) 212
Total Pages (FLIP) 212
Pdf Size 5.586 MB
Flip Size 36.018 MB
Language English
Genre Novel, Literary Fiction, Classic
Rights Percy J. Billinghurst (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
Pdf / Flip Link Available For Free Download

A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals Pdf Book Summary

An elephant kills his cornack, or conductor, in revenge. The wife of the man who saw the scary scene took her two children and threw them at the feet of an enraged animal, saying, “Because you killed my husband, take my life.” Like my children. ”The elephant stopped immediately, agreed, and when his remorse offended him, he took the oldest boy by the trunk, put it around his neck, adopted him like a cornflower, and left no one to ride it.

One of the judges in Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, had an old dog of common cobweb breeds other than the island, used to wear a lantern as consistently as possible at night for his master’s most attentive servant. do it, stop for a moment when his master stops, and continue as he sees him ready to follow.

If his master is not at home, with a lantern attached to his mouth and the command, “Go and bring your master,” he leaves immediately and directly to a city more than a mile away.

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His master’s dwelling: then he stopped at the door of every house where he knew his master was often used to it, and set up his lantern, moaning and knocking on the door and making all the noise that is in his power.

Until it opens; if his master was not there, he continued in the same way until he found him. If he had accompanied her to the house only once, it would be enough to motivate him to take the house for a tour. An eagle belonging to a Roman hairdresser can beautifully imitate almost every word he hears.

The other pipes were blown up one day before the store, and within a day or two the exterior was a bit silly, looking thoughtful and depressing. Everyone who knew was overwhelmed by his silence; and it is believed that the sound of the trumpets rose, that he was suddenly deprived of sound and hearing.

However, it soon became clear that this was far from the case; for the bird is constantly engaged in deep contemplation and learns to imitate the sound of trumpets; and when, at last, his master, the magpie, suddenly broke his long silence to the amazement of all his friends, a perfect imitation of the evolution of the trumpets he heard; observation of the most suitable iterations, stops and changes. However, having this lesson exhausted the entire supply of external intellect; because he forgot everything he had learned before.

While removing a few pounds, the gardener discovered two field roads of unusual size, weighing no less than seven pounds.

As he searched for her, he marveled that one was following the other, and they both drove slowly across the ground to hide; on further investigation, he found that he, on the other hand, had suffered a severe head injury and could not get away without the help of his friend!

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