Abducted Book By Theresa R. Ragan


Abducted Book by Theresa R. Ragan is an Amazing book with so much to tell. And indeed one of the best books by Theresa R. Ragan.

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Brief Introduction To Abducted Book By Theresa R. Ragan

Chapter 1
Sacramento, California
Saturday, August 17, 1996 6:47 PM
Tall, dense oleander provided cover within the shadows of the night as he watched the front door to the Anderson’s house. Behind him lay a field of tall dry grass which would be useful in keeping him hidden when it came time to get to his car parked on the other side. The dry grass was a fire hazard. If this was his neighborhood, it would have been taken care of already.

One thing he’d learned from watching the area for the past two months was that the people who lived here were complacent. No Neighborhood Watch signs. No regular meetings. No communication.
Didn’t they know that the best protection against crime was an infor- med public? Be vigilant about what’s going on in your community, people. Be observant. Be alert for strangers or unfamiliar vehicles. He shook his head.
The media “experts” insisted the recent killings were about control and playing God. It wasn’t about that at all. It was about patience.

Not only did he have the patience of a saint, he was a saint. He wasn’t a maniac or a lunatic or any of the things the reporters liked to call him. If he was a “crazy lunatic” he’d go after each and every one of those so-called “experts” and call it a day.
Retired FBI agent and now author, Gregory O’Guinn, referred to him as a loser, asserting that he was an outcast… a failure who thrived on torturing the innocent. Gregory O’Guinn gave Harvard a bad name.

There is MORE to it …

But what did he care what O’Guinn thought? He knew the truth. He knew what he was doing and why. He knew the difference between right and wrong.
If the author spent more time investigating the lives of the dead girls, he’d see that they were far from innocent–they were bad girls.

They were disrespectful teenagers who had forced him to take action when no one else would. If O’Guinn knew the whole story, he’d be calling him a vigilante, a hero, a man obligated to ignore the due process of law and execute justice on his own terms.

He kept his gaze fixated on the Anderson’s front door. Glancing at his Rolex, an Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, he swallowed the irritation nipping at his insides. Despite having an aversion to all forms of water–sea, ocean, pool–he’d always wanted a Sea-Dweller.



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