Meet the team behind the BajrontBooks.

Bajram Nuredinovski
Nesim Nuredinovski

OUR Story is a leading online bookstore which offers hundreds of free and premium pdf books. Our mission is to make the world better through education. Our vision is to bring education to people all around the world through their devices.

We help people download books for free so they can read whenever they have the time to do so. We will also offer a paid membership which gives you access to thousands of books from our library. Our mission is to provide high-quality content at an affordable price to everyone around the world. We aim to inspire and educate our readers so that they can create a better future for themselves.

How it all started?

It all started in 2020 when a Father and a Son decided to start their own book publishing company. After doing some research they discovered that the market was not adequately offering books that people were interested in reading or if they did they all stick to the same boring pattern.

They also found that there was a lack of access to books and knowledge for people who are unable to purchase them due to financial constraints. Finally, they found that there was no platform where authors could publish their work and have it reach millions of people all over the world.

So they decided to launch the Bajront Books company with the goal of providing all these services to people who needed them the most. By offering this service free of cost or at a very low cost we have managed to reach out to people around the world and provide the kind of reading experience they deserve.

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Bajram & Nesim Nuredinovski


It’s hard to know where to begin with Bajram, as he is truly one of a kind. He has book design and cover skills that are off the charts, as well as being the most important person at BajontBooks while creating and managing all the books BajrontBooks has to offer. An expert that has an extensive skillset using it to make the world a better place. As the founding editor of all of the publications here, he has selected the publishing partner for each release, and acts as the liaison between the editor and the translator.


Nesim is a highly skilled programmer and digital marketing expert who has worked at some of the top companies in the world. He is a web developer with over 6 years of experience. He is currently working at BajrontBooks as a web developer and he is looking to improve the company’s online visibility by boosting SEO and Digital marketing. He is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and he constantly researches new marketing trends to ensure that the company is meeting the current needs of its customers.

Sara & Berna


Sara is a BajrontBooks Representative who has an extensive skill set and many other qualities that make her an excellent choice for this role. She is highly skilled in marketing and has a deep understanding of what potential customers want and need. She also has strong communication skills and is highly organized.


Berna is a financial advisor and economist at BajrontBooks. Berna has a deep understanding of financial concepts, and she is able to provide sound advice regardless of the investor’s needs. She helps BajrontBooks clients achieve their financial goals and maximize their investment returns regardless of their needs.

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