Darius The Great

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Description of the Book

The narrative of Darius started with Cambyses’ climb to the Persian high position and his resulting success of Egypt. On Cambyses’ demise, a usurper expected the privileged position.

Darius dispatched the usurper and was granted the lofty position. He then set out on a progression of misfortunes including an obstructed journey to Scythia, smashing a defiance in Ionia, and two fruitless missions to overcome Greece, including the popular clash of Long distance race.



Tender is the Night Pdf – About The Book
Author: Jacob Abbott
Total Pages (PDF) 160
Total Pages (FLIP) 160
Pdf Size 4.153 MB
Flip Size 42.142 MB
Language English
Genre Biography
Rights Jacob Abbott (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

Abbott moved on from Bowdoin School in 1820. Eventually, during his years there, he evidently added the second “t” to his last name, to abstain from being “Jacob Abbot the third” (albeit one source notes he didn’t really start marking his name with two t’s until quite a while later).

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Abbott learned at Andover Religious Theological school in 1821, 1822, and 1824. He showed up in the Portland foundation and was a guide at Amherst School during the following year.

You can read more about the author if you follow this link here: Jacob Abbott


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