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We also provide our users with a totally new flipbook format that they are free to use as well, and it comes with every single book you find on our website. However you are responsible to not distribute without permission and should never edit our flipbooks containing a backlink that follows back to us as we are the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the flipbook format books! Therefore, we retain every right to prosecute if used to promote on own website/blog/e-commerce etc. without a fully working backlink to our own website as we’re the original creators.

So, you are allowed to promote as long as you backlink to us(BajrontBooks, Free Books Online Pdf & Flip or even a simple naked URL:! is an active platform for downloading free eBooks (Pdf & Flip). The main objective of our website is to provide high-quality fast-speed downloading service with a user-friendly environment without registration and other hectic procedures. For this purpose, we collect books from the online world and put them on our high-speed Linux servers to provide excellent downloading speed along with a completely unique handwritten description. In case if you find any copyrighted file or book on our website and you want to remove it, simply INFORM us with SOLID written PROOFS and evidence. We will IMMEDIATELLY take action and remove your files or books within 1 BUSINESS day after your submission of DMCA complaint. The following requirements should exist in your copyright infringement claim:

  • Valid Email Address
  • Identity and proof of the owner
  • Links and screenshots of the copyright material

Send us your copyright infringement claim at with this info and we will come to you within 1 business day.

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