Doctor Dolittle’s Circus


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Description of the Book

“The Doctor Dolittle’s Circus” is the story we know that all love fit the beautiful movie by Rex Harrison. To collect funds for travel for Africa, Doctor’s Dolittle’s contacts contact specific areas and allows them to be in his life, as Candmi-to stay.

Of course, with the intervention of Doctor Dolittle, nothing goes as expected and the Doctor finds himself again embarking on another dangerous journey.



Doctor Dolittle’s Circus Pdf – About The Book
Author: Hugh Lofting
Total Pages (PDF) 226
Total Pages (FLIP) 226
Pdf Size 4.846 MB
Flip Size 57.038 MB
Language English
Genre Childrens Literature
Rights Hugh Lofting (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
Pdf / Flip Link Available For Free Download


About the Author

Hugh John Lofting (January 14, 1886 – September 26, 1947) was an English author trained as a civil engineer, who created the popular children’s book character of Doctor Dolittle.

Lofting as a young man

It first appeared in letters written by Lofting to his children from the trenches of the British army during the First World War.

Read more about the author here: Hugh Lofting.



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