Don Quixote Part One Pdf & Flip Book full free download. Alonso Quixano, a moderately aged refined man of La Mancha, lives with a servant and a youthful niece. He has forfeited his standard side interest of chasing and really focusing on his domain for the all-burning-through enthusiasm of perusing books of gallantry.

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Don Quixote Part One Book Review

Cervantes shows that the books are so irrationally composed that it is no big surprise a helpless man of his word loses his explanation when he takes care of this workforce with such astonishing stories day and night.

To the disappointment of his family individuals, just as drawing in the worry of the Don’s companions, the minister and the hair stylist, the regarded resident of La Mancha feels himself enlivened to turn into a knight-deviant and deliberately gathers the impacts important to his calling.

He sparkles his incredible granddad’s protection, devises a visor and cap subsequent to dealing with them over seven days, and renames his thin steady pony Rosinante, which implies that prior to having a knight-wayward for an expert, this horse was before a standard pony.

Presently thought Don Quixote, in the wake of renaming himself, his pony, his desires, he should name the woman of his unadulterated heart, for a knight-deviant “without an escort, was a tree without natural product or leaves, and a body without a spirit.”

He chooses a youthful country girl named Aldonza Lorenza for his own Dulcinea del Toboso despite the fact that she is everything except a total outsider to him.


The primary section of any extraordinary novel merits cautious scrutiny, for it presents the tone of the creator, the fundamental characters, and gives calm clues to the further improvement of the story.

Cervantes cautiously portrays his legend, a moderately aged hidalgo, inactive and very poor, who lives with common individuals, maid, niece, and jack of all trades.

Since Don Quixote has abstract contentions with the minister and hairdresser about happenings in books of gallantry, the peruser gets the main suspicion that the saint views knight-errantry appropriately.

A couple of sentences later, Cervantes shows that his hidalgo is solid willed enough about this make a difference to take up this calling himself.

By another demonstration of will, his fatigued hack turns into an honorable horse, and his mysterious love for a laborer girl turns into his modest ideal of excellence, for each knight should serve an optimal special lady.

Wear Quixote invests a lot of energy in reasoning and talking instead of unobtrusively achieving valorous deeds. One can contend that he moves toward knight dislike a psycho who accepts that he is another person, yet rather like an entertainer who remembers and practices a job.

This is a sensible perspective and Cervantes gives abundant proof to legitimize either the psycho hypothesis or the entertainer hypothesis, similarly as Shakespeare has accomplished for Hamlet.

Whichever basic methodology is utilized, it is important to consider Cervantes’ advantage in coming clean. Whatever distortion shows up in the novel is the consequence of Don Quixote’s creative mind, not that of the creator.

Don Quixote PDF vs FLIP (Part One) Book Comparison

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don quixote part one pdf

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don quixote pdf - part one

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Don Quixote Summary Pdf - Miguel de Cervantes

Don Quixote Pdf – Part One – Chapter 1 – Page 1 Book Summary


In a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind, there lived not long since one of those gentlemen that keep a lance in the lance-rack, an old buckler, a lean hack, and a greyhound for coursing.

Don Quixote Pdf Summary

An olla of rather more beef than mutton, a salad on most nights, scraps on Saturdays, lentils on Fri- days, and a pigeon or so extra on Sundays, made away with three-quarters of his income. The rest of it went in a doublet of fine cloth and velvet breeches and shoes to match for holi- days, while on week-days he made a brave figure in his best homespun.

He had in his house a housekeeper past forty, a niece under twenty, and a lad for the field and market-place, who used to saddle the hack as well as handle the bill-hook. The age of this gentleman of ours was bordering on fifty; he was of a hardy habit, spare, gaunt-featured, a very early riser and a great sportsman.

They will have it his surname was Quixada or Quesada (for here there is some difference of opinion among the authors who write on the subject), although from reasonable conjectures it seems plain that he was called Quexana. This, however, is of but little importance to our tale; it will be enough not to stray a hair’s breadth

Don Quixote Part One – Chapter 1 – Page 2 Book Summary

from the truth in the telling of it.

You must know, then, that the above-named gentleman whenever he was at lei- sure (which was mostly all the year round) gave himself up to reading books of chivalry with such ardour and avidity that he almost entirely neglected the pursuit of his field-sports, and even the management of his property;

and to such a pitch did his eagerness and infatuation go that he sold many an acre of tillageland to buy books of chivalry to read, and brought home as many of them as he could get.

But of all there were none he liked so well as those of the famous Feliciano de Silva’s compo- sition, for their lucidity of style and complicated conceits were as pearls in his sight, particularly when in his reading he came upon courtships and cartels, where he often found passages like

“the reason of the unreason with which my reason is afflicted so weakens my reason that with reason I murmur at your beauty;” or again, “the high heavens, that of your divinity divinely fortify you with the stars, render you deserv- ing of the desert your greatness deserves.”

Over conceits of this sort the poor gentle- man lost his wits, and used to lie awake striving to understand them and worm the meaning out of them; what Aristotle himself could not have made out or extracted had he come to life again for that special purpose.

He was not at all easy about the wounds which Don Belianis gave and took, because it seemed to him that, great as were the surgeons who had cured him, he must have had his face and body covered all over with seams and scars.

He commended, however, the author’s way of ending his book with the promise of that interminable adventure, and many a time was he tempted to take up his pen and finish it properly as is there proposed, which no doubt he would have done, and made a successful piece of work of it too, had not greater and more absorbing thoughts prevented him.

Many an argument did he have with the curate of his village (a learned man, and a graduate of Siguenza) as to which had been the better knight, Palmerin of England or Amadis of Gaul.

Master Nicholas, the village barber, however, used to say that neither of them came up to the Knight of Phoebus, and that if there was any that could compare with him it was Don Galaor, the brother of Amadis of Gaul, because he had a spirit that was equal to every occasion, and was no finikin knight, nor lachrymose like his brother, while in the matter of valour he was not a whit behind

Final Thoughts On The Don Quixote PDF & FLIP Books

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