First Love Pdf book – 1860 free download right here! First Love book by Ivan S. Turgenev was not quite an ordinary one. Vladimir Petrovitch , a man of forty years old, black hair started going grey says: “My first love was not quite an ordinary love”.

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First Love Book Summary reviewed by BajrontBooks

It all happened way back in the 1833, in the summer beginning from the 5th of May. Some hot times as he recalls. He was sixteen at the time. His mother was 10 years older then his father and she was mostly angry and melancholic, agitated and sad, but not in the presence of his father.

His father, as stated before, was 10 years younger then his mother, so young and as he recalls very handsome at the time. He used to wear books with him all the time even though he wasn’t reading as much though.

He will never forget the weeks he spent at the country house. It was a particularly hot and as he says a magnificent time/weather. He used to walk in the Neskutchy Gardens, and it was beautiful.

first love pdf novel

He was just starting to feel all the beauty of being a teenager. Like how the first love kicks in. He felt it much more different then what people usually do, though he was as ordinary as most. Keep reading more about the book if you go ahead and visit here: First Love Wiki.

First Love Flip Book Explanation

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first love pdf book

There are 2 possible ways you can use to start flipping from this rather beautiful book format. The number one being the coolest. So you simply press and hold on any of the corners of the page and just flip to the side you wish your page to turn to.

How awesome is that? 🙂 And the second one being the easiest, you just press on any of the arrows aside of the pages and it would automatically flip the page for you.

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