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Author: George Chetwynd Griffith.

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Five Hundred Carats Summary

It was several months after the brilliant, if somewhat mysterious, discovery of the £15,000 parcel by the infamous but now deceased Seth Salter that I had the pleasure, and I think I may add, of meeting Inspector Lipinski.

I say without hesitation that in my wanderings which have taken me over a considerable part of the lands and seas of the world, I have never met a man more interesting than him. I say “was”, poor thing, because there is only a bitter memory left for fraternity.

There is no need for additional explanations on the too brief intimacy which followed our introduction if not the assertion that the greatest South African detective of his day was after all a man as much as a detective, and therefore not just rightly proud of the many brilliant achievements that exemplified his career, but also not detestable that one day their story is, with all due and due precautions and reservations, told to a wider and perhaps less informed audience than the heterogeneous population and the migratory camp as it was in its day .

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I hadn’t been five minutes in the comfortable, tastefully decorated sanctuary of his low-rise, high-roofed bungalow on New De Beers Road before I saw him, it was a museum as well as a studio. Specimens of all sorts of bizarre devices used by the I.s to smuggle diamonds were strewn about the tables and the fireplace.

There were huge, intricately carved briar and meerschaum pipes that seemed to hold wonderfully little tobacco for their size; ingeniously carved raw firewood sticks, which in their time must have been worth a pretty penny; hollow handles for traveling trunks; heeled boots for women inspired on a momentous occasion by Mrs. Michael Mosenstein; and novels, hymnals, church services and Bibles, with hollows cut in the center of their leaves which had once held illicit stones for thousands of pounds during their unsuspected passage through the book.

But none of this interested me, or even disconcerted me so much as a few oddly assorted objects lying under a small display case on a wall rack. One was an ordinary piece of heavy lead pipe, about three inches long and one inch in diameter, sealed by casting at both ends, and with a small brass tap cast at one end.

The other was a small piece of dirty, tattered Indian rubber sheeting, very thin – almost transparent indeed – and about four or five inches square.

I was looking at these things, wondering what could be the connection between them, and what kind of strange story could be connected with them, when the inspector entered. “Good evening. Glad to see you,” he said in his calm, almost soft voice, and without the slightest trace of a foreign accent, as we shook hands.

“Well, what do you think of my museum?” I would already dare to guess that if some of this stuff could talk, it might entertain your readers for a while, huh? “There’s no reason their owner shouldn’t speak on their behalf,” I said making the obvious answer, “provided, of course, that they don’t get too many state secrets.” 

“My dear sir,” he said, with a smile that slightly curled the tips of his neatly trimmed black mustache, “I shouldn’t have made you the promise I made at the Club the other night.

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If you hadn’t absolutely wanted to rely on your discretion… and on mine.Now there’s whiskey and soda or brandy; Which do you prefer? You smoke, of course, and I think you’ll find them pretty good, and this chair I can recommend. I solved many complicated problems, I can tell you.

“And now,” he continued, as we were finally comfortably settled, “may I ask you which of my relics has most aroused your professional curiosity? piece of foam rubber, but the inspector beat me to it, saying, “But maybe that’s not the right question, because they’ll probably all look rather strange to you.

Now, for example, I saw you looking at two of my curiosities when I walked in. You wouldn’t expect them to be associated, and even very intimately, with the most daring and cleverly planned diamond heist that has ever taken place in the Fields, or outside from them, by the way, right? yet I think I have learned enough about the subtle ways of self.prepare for a perfectly logical explanation of the fact.

“As logical as I can say rightly romantic,” replied the inspector, putting down his glass. “In a way, this was the most sensitive issue I have ever faced. Of course, have you heard one version or another of the disappearance of the Great De Beers diamond?

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About the Author

George Griffith (1857–1906), full name George Chetwynd GriffithJones, was a prolific British science fiction writer and noted explorer who wrote during the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. Many of his visionary short stories appeared in magazines such as Pearson’s Magazine and Pearson’s Weekly before being published as novels. He also wrote the very Five Hundred Carats eBook you’re reading now!

Griffith was hugely popular in the UK, although he was not acclaimed in the US, partly because of his utopian socialist views. A journalist, rather than a scientist, by training, what his stories lack in scientific rigor and literary grace he makes up for in sheer exuberance of execution.

“Tonight that spark was to be shaken by the torch of the Revolution, and tomorrow the first of mines would explode…the armies of Europe would fight their way through the greatest war the world had ever seen.” from Griffith’s most famous novel, The Angel of Revolution. He was the son of a vicar who became a schoolteacher in the mid-1920s.

After writing freelance articles in his spare time, he briefly joined a newspaper, then wrote a series of secular pamphlets including Ananias, The Atheist’s God: For the Attention of Charles Bradlaugh, following the success of Admiral Philip H.Columbus’ Great War of 1892 (itself a version of the more famous The Battle of Dorking), Griffith, then on staff at Pearson’s Magazine as an envelope and postage label clerk, presented a synopsis for a story titled The Angel of the Revolution. It remains his best and most famous work. It was among the first so-called marvelous tales, embodied by Jules Verne.

Wonder tales featured things like heavier flying machines, air guns, submarines, deeply convenient political developments, wooden heroes with no immediately obvious sexual taste, and aerial, ground, or underwater combat. spectacular sailors. Later novels, such as The Gold Finder, expanded on the heroes’ romantic interests.

Final Words On the Five Hundred Carats eBook – Pdf and Flip

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