So here we have the Five Weeks in a Balloon Pdf/Flip by Jules Verne Free E-book to Download or Read Online! Five Weeks in a Balloon is yet another great novel by Jules Verne. Five Weeks in a Balloon is the first book that would become author’s extraordinary voyages! It is the tale about the 4000 mile long balloon trip over the mysterious continent of Africa.

As always, Jules Verne pumps us with some great content. And we would like to also give you a Five Weeks in a Balloon Book summary by BajrontBooks down below. We highly suggest sticking around for some more and keep reading to get enlightened.

About the Book (book summary)

Five weeks in a balloon a.k.a (Also Known As) Journey and Discoveries in Africa by three Englishmen is an adventure novel first written by Jules Verne in his native French back in 1863. And it has been translated to English language in the 1869.

One scholar and an explorer named Dr. Samuel Ferguson and his manservant Joe and his friend have set on a trip around the Mysterious Continent of Africa for a 4000-mile long trip in a balloon. That’s how the story has been constructed.

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Their trip starts in Zanzibar and goes on across Lake Victoria, Lake Chad, Agadez, Timbuktu, Djenné and Ségou to St Louis. You can read more about the plot of this powerful novel on wiki here: Five Weeks in a Balloon – Wiki.

About The Author

Jules Verne was a French Author that has created many, many different powerful novels including this one: “Five Weeks in a Balloon”. Jules Verne is known by his many other books, though we’re talking about this one at the moment.

You can visit the whole bundle of the books we have from Jules Verne here: All books by Jules Verne. In addition to his novels he also wrote many of the short-stories, different plays autobiographical accounts, poetry, songs and scientific, artistic and literary studies.

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Download Five Weeks in a Balloon Pdf/Flip or Read Online Right Here! ⇓

Five Weeks in a Balloon Flip Book Comparison

So here we will show you exactly what the FLIP books are, and also why we are strongly recommending it, even though we now also have the PDF and the FLIP books you can read ONLINE if you’re browsing on your phone or a tablet.

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As much as you can see in the image above this really does look absolutely astonishing! The MAIN reason to why we strongly recommend the FLIP books it’s because of the Beauty of them.

They are certainly, one of the most beautiful book formats ever created. Perhaps even the number one, the most beautiful ones.

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And now, there are two possible ways you can start reading from our FLIP Books! The number one is being the coolest one! You simply press and hold on any of the corners of the page and just flip to the other side.

And the other one is to just click on any of the arrows aside of the page/s and it would automatically FLIP the page for you! How awesome is that? 🙂

Final Words on the Five Weeks in a Balloon Pdf/Flip Books

So, we have come to an end of this rather very beautiful post and now, we would like to thank you that you have stick around for so long. You now know exactly why we strongly recommend the FLIP books and why you should go ahead and grab yourself a single copy.

Though you can easily download or read online Five Weeks in a Balloon Pdf book as well. If you happen to have any questions what so ever you simply leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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