Great Astronomers by Robert Stawell Ball free full pdf and flip books. Of all the natural sciences there are, there is no single one that offers better sublime objects to the attention of the inquirer as does the science astronomy.

From the earliest age of the mankind the science of astronomy has really exercised the fascination as it has nowadays, or as it possesses today.  So, if you want to learn more about the very book Great Astronomers by Robert Stawell Ball, then stick around and read below.

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Greenwich Observatory

About the Book (Book Summary)

Among even the most primitive people of the early ages there were some men that took their time and studied the science of astronomy. Some of them are even one of the greatest astronomers even today, in our times.

Earlier the positions of the stars have indicated the time to plough and the time to sow. Of course, we have such an advanced technology today that has actually allowed us to see far more then the people had in the early ages, but still some of them remain incredible.

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Ptolemy’s Theory

For example, if you take a look at the image above, you’ll be able to note the old Ptolemy’s Theory of the movement of the mars. Imagine that. In the old times, those incredible geniuses had the very idea and it’s own theory on what the movement of mars might be.

Also, the most famous name in the history of astronomy is that of Hipparchus who lived and worked in Rhodes 160BC! It was his splendid investigations that first wrought the observed facts into a coherent branch of knowledge.

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About The Author

Sir Robert Stawell Ball, born of 1 of July 1840 was actually an Irish astronomer who founded the screw theory. He was a Royal Astronomer of Ireland at Dunsink Observatory. He was a son of Robert Ball the naturalist and Amelia Hellicar.

He won a scholarship at Trinity College Dublin where he was educated and was a senior moderator at both mathematics and natural science in 1861. Read more about the author here: Robert Stawell Ball

Robert Stawell Ball

Robert Stawell Ball

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As you can tell by the image above this really does look absolutely fabulous and just so beautiful. Actually the most important aspect of our flipbooks is that of the beauty of the format itself. We are commited to change the whole UI and the UX for the people.

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And now, there are two possible ways you can use to start flipping pages in this phenomenal book format. First one being the easiest. You simply press on an arrow/s on the side of the page and it would automatically flip the page for you.

And the second one being the coolest. You click and hold on any of the corners of the page and just flip to the other side. How awesome is that?

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