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So, now without further ado let’s get started with the book. First of all let’s do a quick summary of what we think the first fairy tale talks about (The Goose Girl).

An old sovereign, whose spouse had been dead a few years, had a delightful little girl. At the point when she grew up, she was pledged to a sovereign who carried on a extraordinary way off; and as the time gravitated toward for her to be hitched, she got prepared to set off on her excursion to his nation.

At that point the sovereign, her mom, pressed up a large number of expensive things—gems, and gold, and silver, knickknacks, fine dresses, what’s more, to put it plainly, all that turned into an imperial lady of the hour; for she cherished her youngster very beyond all doubt; and she gave her a holding up servant to ride with her, and give her into the groom’s hands; and each had a pony for the excursion.

Presently the princess’ pony was called Falada, and could talk.


Grimms Fairy Tales Pdf vs Flip

So, we have gone through the quick summary of the first fairy tale from the grimms fairy tales book and now we want to explain to you why we recommend flip over pdf.

You will be delighted to find out what is there so powerful in flip that pdf is missing. Literally pdf was around for so many years and many people are used to it.

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ALSO! Very Important note is that you DO NOT Need any kind of software to open our flip books. They RUN Solely just like notepad does.

So without further ado, take a look at the image below.

grimms fairy tales pdf

So, can you see now? Look at this beautiful view. First of all the books in flip look so beautiful and it makes you read more and read often.

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Now, take a look at the second image below that explains exactly HOW TO FLIP pages in our FLIP books.

grimm's fairy tales pdf - flip

So, in order to start flipping pages all you have to do is simply click (press / hold) on any of the corners of any of the page and simply flip it to the other side.

Basically, just like you would do with the real book (hand-book) that you take from library. How cool is that? We know, super cool! And those are only some major reasons to why we recommend you flip over pdf so much.

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Some cool illustrated images from the Grimms Fairy Tales book

Check out some really cool images from the grimms fairy tales book down below. Those are the images from different fairy tales that you can find in the book.

grimm's fairy tales pdf - illustrations

can you see this one. Those are the illustrations made literaly almost 100 years ago. Imagine how people were doing this before. 🙂

Now take a look at the second illustration below. Those are the beautiful grimms fairy tales illustrations.

grimm's' fairy tales pdf - illustration 2

Those were only 2 images from the whole book. And you can find ton of more illustrations once you download and start reading.

Also read the short grimms fairy tales pdf summary below.

Grimms Fairy Tales Pdf Summary (Page 1)


An old queen, whose husband had been dead some years, had a beautiful daughter. When she grew up, she was betrothed to a prince who lived a great way off; and as the time drew near for her to be married, she got
ready to set off on her journey to his country.

Then the queen, her mother, packed up a great many costly things—jewels, and gold, and silver, trinkets, fine dresses, and in short, everything that became a royal bride; for she loved her child very dearly; and she gave her a waiting-maid to ride with her, and give her into the bridegroom’s hands; and each had a horse for the journey. Now the princess’ horse was called Falada, and could speak.

When the time came for them to set out, the old queen went into her bed-chamber, and took a little knife, and cut off a lock of her hair, and gave it to her daughter, saying, “Take care of it, dear child; for it is a charm that may be of use to you on the road.”

Then they took a sorrowful leave of each other, and the princess put the lock of her mother’s hair into her bosom, got upon her horse, and set off on her journey to her bridegroom’s kingdom.

One day, as they were riding along by the side of a brook, the princess began to feel very thirsty, and said to her maid, “Pray get down and fetch me some water in my golden cup out of yonder brook, for I want to drink.” “Nay,” said the maid, “if you are thirsty, get down yourself, and lie down by the water and drink; I shall not be your waiting-maid any longer.”

The princess was so thirsty that she got down, and knelt over the little brook and drank, for she was frightened, and dared not bring out her golden cup; and then she wept, and said, “Alas! what will become of me?”

And the lock of hair answered her, and said— “Alas! alas! if thy mother knew it, Sadly, sadly her heart would rue it.” But the princess was very humble and meek, so she said nothing to her maid’s ill


Grimms Fairy Tales Pdf Summary (Page 2)

behavior, but got upon her horse again. Then all rode further on their journey, till the day grew so warm, and the sun so scorching, that the bride began to feel very thirsty again; and at last, when they came to a river, she forgot her maid’s rude speech, and said, “Pray get down and fetch me some water to drink in my golden cup.”

But the maid answered her, and even spoke more haughtily than before, “Drink if you will, but I shall not be your waiting-maid.” Then the princess was so thirsty that she got off her horse and lay down, and held her head over the running stream, and cried, and said, “What will become of me?”

And the lock of hair answered her again – “Alas! alas! if thy mother knew it, Sadly, sadly her heart would rue it.” And as she leaned down to drink, the lock of hair fell from her bosom and floated away with the water, without her seeing it, she was so much frightened. But her maid saw it, and was very glad, for she knew the charm, and saw that the poor bride would be in her power now that she had lost the hair.

So when the bride had finished drinking, and would have got upon Falada again, the maid said, “I shall ride upon Falada, and you may have my horse instead;” so she was forced to give up her horse, and soon afterwards to take off her royal clothes, and put on her maid’s shabby ones.

At last, as they drew near the end of the journey, this treacherous servant threatened to kill her mistress if she ever told anyone what had happened. But Falada saw it all, and marked it well.


Grimm’s Fairy Tales Pdf and Flip Final Thoughts

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