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Invitation to Life Pdf – About The Book
Author: Erick Knight
Total Pages (PDF) 204
Total Pages (FLIP) 204
Pdf Size 1.959 MB
Flip Size 35.330 MB
Language English
Genre Textbooks
Rights Eric Knight (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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Invitation to Life Pdf Book Summary

Tregan was a British fighter in the First World War. Not long before he went to France, he met and wedded Barbara. Theirs was a serious and brief-lived sentiment, and he was set for battle before they got an opportunity to share wedded life.

He at no point ever saw Barbara in the future. At the point when he returned, a setback and forever disabled, he found that Barbara had kicked the bucket in labor and that her folks had taken desirous ownership of their little girl.

invitation to life pdf

Disenthralled and rootless, Tregan came to America, not understanding what he needed or where to look for it. The Tregan who had expected satisfaction and rest became Tregan the Wanderer. From one city to another he voyaged; from one lady to another.

Three ladies, among the numerous who crossed his way, cherished him. Joan he acknowledged. Alice, he hoped for, Lola he secured. Joan left him when she found he could never truly cherish her. Alice wedded another man. Lola ended it all and he was accused of homicide.

This sensational adventure of a trooper’s journey for joy in this dull world is told as just Eric Knight could tell it. (less)

About the Author

Eric Mowbray Knight (10 April 1897 – 15 January 1943) was an English writer and screenwriter who is predominantly known for his 1940 novel Lassie Come-Home, which presented the made-up collie, Lassie. He took American citizenship in 1942 without further ado before his passing.

Brought into the world in Menston, West Riding of Yorkshire, Knight, was the most youthful of three children brought into the world to Marion Hilda (née Creasser) and Frederic Harrison Knight, the two Quakers. His dad was a rich jewel dealer who, when Eric was two years of age, was killed during the Boer War.

Eric Knight | Amber - Digitalna knjižara i biblioteka

His mom then, at that point, moved to St. Petersburg, Imperial Russia, to function as a tutor for the majestic family. The family later got comfortable in the United States in 1912.

Read more about the author here: Eric Knight.



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