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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Book Summary


ON MAY 24, 1863, a Sunday, my uncle, Professor Lidenbrock, rushed back to his little house located at No. 19 Königstrasse, one of the most ancient streets in the old town of Hamburg.

Martha, the maid, must have believed that she was far behind schedule, for the dinner had only just begun to cook on the kitchen range.
“Well,” I said to myself, “if my uncle, the most impatient of men, is hun- gry, he will cry out in dismay.”
“Mr. Lidenbrock so soon!” the good Martha exclaimed in amazement, half opening the dining-room door.

“Yes, Martha; but very likely the dinner is not half cooked, for it’s not two yet. Saint Michael’s clock has only just struck half-past one.”
“Then why is Mr. Lidenbrock coming home so soon?”
“He’ll probably tell us himself.”
“Here he is; I’ll stay out of the way, Mr. Axel, while you argue with him.” And the good Martha retreated to her culinary laboratory.

I was left alone. But arguing with the most irascible of professors was out of the question for someone of my somewhat undecided turn of mind. Just as I was cautiously retreating to my handsome room upstairs, the street door squeaked on its hinges.

Large feet made the wooden staircase creak, and the master of the house rushed through the dining-room immediately to his study.

But during his swift passage, he had flung his hazel walking stick into a corner, his rough broad brim hat on the table, and these emphatic words at his nephew:
“Axel, follow me!”


Journey To The Center Of The Earth Pdf Summary (Page 2)

I had scarcely had time to move when the professor already exclaimed in a tone of utter impatience:
“Well! You aren’t here yet?”
I rushed into my redoubtable master’s study.

Otto Lidenbrock had no mischief in him, I readily admit that; but unless he changes in unlikely ways, he will die a confirmed original.
He was professor at the Johanneum1 and taught a course on mineralogy, in the course of which he invariably broke into a rage once or twice each session.

Not that he was at all concerned about having diligent students in his class, or about the degree of attention with which they listened to him, or the success they would eventually achieve; such details never bothered him.

His teaching was “subjective,” as German philosophy calls it; it was meant for himself, not others. He was a learned egotist, a well of science whose pulleys creaked when you wanted to draw anything out of it: in a word, a miser.

There are quite a few professors of this sort in Germany.
Unfortunately, my uncle was not gifted with great skill of delivery, if not in private, then at least when he spoke in public, and this is a deplorable shortfall in a speaker.

Indeed, during his lectures at the Johanneum, the professor often came to a complete standstill; he struggled with a reluctant word that did not want to pass his lips, one of those words that resist, expand and finally slip out in the quite unscientific form of an oath. Hence his intense rage.


Journey To The Center Of The Earth Pdf Book Review

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