Just So Stories For Children Pdf book is available for free download here! Little stories for children including a but not limited to: “How The Whale Got His Throat?”, “How The Camel Got His Hump?”, “HOW THE RHINOCEROS GOT HIS SKIN ” etc.

If you’d like to cheer up your child and read him/her some of the best bed stories by Rudyard, then this is definitely one of the greatest books for children you’ll ever get.

Just So Stories For Children Book Review

So let’s talk a little bit more about this beautiful book by Rudyard Kipling for little children. There are several stories so exciting to be talked to your children before bed time.

For instance one of the great ones is How the whale got his throat and you can find a nice image below that represents it greatly.

Just So Stories for Children Pdf - How The Whale Got His Throat

Just So Stories for Children Pdf – How The Whale Got His Throat

Once upon a time there was a whale in the sea, that ate fishes. And that whale was very hungry. He was eating constantly non-stop, every day, as much as he wanted. He was eating so much, as much as his mouth could bare, until there was one little fish left.

That little fish crawled up to his right ear, the fish knew that way it might save it’s life. And it asked the whale: “Hey, have you ever tasted a man before?”

And the whale is like no, what is a man? Then little fish says a man is very tasty, but also a little nubby, the man has a lot of resources and it has a knife. The whale asked where is that man, where can I find it?

Then little fish gives the coordinates to the man, and we must say the fish has told everything to the whale before the whale has gone for it. The man is drifting at the middle of the sea without anything except his knife and some flip flops.

The whale was swimming and swimming towards the man until it suddenly looks up for the boat, and the whale opens it’s mouth as much as it could and swallows the man. The man inside was tumbling, biting and trying to get out of the whales mouth.

And suddenly a whale asks the same fish that gave him the coordinates to the man, little fish, why is this man tumbling so much, it makes me hiccough a lot. Then fish says, if you go to this and this place and get him out on the shore you will not hiccough as much.

A whale then starts swimming and swimming towards the shore, and the man inside makes the boat feel very bad for the whale once it start spitting it with the very knife the little fish mentioned. And so it kills the whale. The little fish was finally free in the Ecuador of the sea.

You can read more about the book if you go ahead and visit here: Just So Stories For Children Book.

Just So Stories for Little Children Pdf - Whale Looking For The Little Stute

Just So Stories for Little Children Pdf – Whale Looking For The Little Stute

Just So Stories For Children Flip Book

What is a flipbook? Why do we make it for you? Well, a flipbook is one of the best ever book formats you’ll come across and the real reason we’re making them for you is to get a totally new experience while you’re reading your favorite books.

just so stories for children pdf - rudyard kipling

Flipbooks look fabulous and they’re just so beautiful. And the MAIN reason we recommend them is because you will never feel as good as if you’ve read your favorite book in the flipbook format.

You do not need a single software to open our flipbooks, then run solely, just like a simple notepad does. So, how amazing and superb that might be? And, on top, they’re just so easy to use.

just so stories for little children pdf book

You see, to start flipping you simply click on any of the arrows aside of the pages and it will automatically flip the page for you. But there is also one more cool way to do it. You can press and hold on the corner of the page and flip to the other side. How amazing might that be?

Final Thoughts On Just So Stories For Children Pdf And Flip Books

As you could tell, this book is really amazing. And Rudyard Kipling made a great point. It consists of many stories that are great to be told at night before bed time to your children.

If you want to learn more about the author of this amazing book then go ahead and visit here: Rudyard Kipling.

Wanna see all of the children books and all other free books we have? Go ahead and do so here: BajrontBooks.

If you happen to have any questions what so ever you simply leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as that’s possible. Thank you for sticking around for this long, with much love BB FAM!

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