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Kidnapped Pdf – About The Book
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Total Pages (PDF) 230
Total Pages (FLIP) 230
Pdf Size 9.705 MB
Flip Size 55.491 MB
Language English
Genre Adventure Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Novel, Speculative fiction
Rights Robert Louis Stevenson (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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– What is the story about Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson?
Kidnapped tells the story of David Balfour, a young man of the Lowlands, the southern part of Scotland. David’s father, Alexander Balfour, has recently died, and his mother died some time before, so he is now an orphan. Since he is now seventeen years old, he has decided it is time to go and seek his fortune.

– Is Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson about pirates?
Kidnapped is set around real 18th-century Scottish events, notably the “Appin Murder”, which occurred in the aftermath of the Jacobite rising of 1745.

– Is Kidnapped a good book?
Kidnapped is his masterpiece, an unforgettable novel of action that would inspire writers as varied as Joseph Conrad, John Buchan, Graham Greene and Muriel Spark. It is also a fascinating meditation on the complexity of the Scots character, half Celt, half Saxon.

– What is the main idea in Kidnapped?
Loyalty and friendship. The central theme of Kidnapped is the friendship between Alan and David. It is an unlikely pairing: the young, naïve, properly Protestant Whig, David Balfour, and the older, rebellious, adventurous, Catholic Jacobite, Alan Breck Stewart.

– Is Kidnapped a sequel to Treasure Island?
It was with the publication of Treasure Island in 1883, however, that Stevenson achieved wide recognition and fame. This was followed by his most successful adventure story, Kidnapped, which appeared in 1886.


Kidnapped Pdf Book Summary

The story of David Balfour, a young lowland man in the south of Scotland, is abducted. David’s father, Alexander Balfour, recently died and his mother had died shortly before, so he was now an orphan. Now that he is seventeen, he has decided it is time to go and find his destination.

Before moving to Edinburgh, he met his guardian, Mr. Campbell. Campbell reveals that David has Ebenezer Balfour’s uncle at Shaw House – which means that to his surprise, David comes from a wealthy family. David decided to go to Cramond, where his uncle lived, and meet his wealthy relatives.

David traveled to Edinburgh for two days and soon found his way to Cramond. When he started asking about the House of Shaws, he saw that it was an unpopular place. His uncle Ebenezer seemed to be largely ignored in the community and was, in fact, the only one who lived in the house. However, David continued to Shaws’ house.

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Ebenezer greeted him and seemed very interested in David’s father’s death. Ebenezer treated David badly, almost as if he were a thief, but he gained some of David’s respect by giving the child almost forty pounds. But as Ebenezer was about to send David to the tower next to the house, David asked why his uncle hated him, and if so, why he wanted him to stay in the Shaws’ house.

The boy in the cabin, Ransome, arrives at Shaws House. He was sent by Captain Hoseason of the Covenant, the ship that ran some of Ebenezer’s companies.

Hoseason asks to meet Ebenezer, so the old man decides to go to Queensferry Harbor with Ransom and David. David was interested in seeing the ships in the harbor, so he accompanied them ready. At first, Hosea looked very kind.

He even warned David that Ebenezer meant evil to him. Hosea then asked him to talk to David on the ship, and David agreed because he was interested in finding out more about the ship. However, when he got on board, the boat sailed quickly, and when he called the port for help, the sailors lost consciousness.

He woke up on the dark storage deck of the Covenant. When he fell into and out of sleep, he soon fell ill and soon lay and died. The ship’s partner Riach asked that the child could sleep with the other sailors according to the ship’s healthier forecast.

Hosea was reluctant to agree, and when David recovered, he befriended Riach and some of the other sailors. Then Ransome was accidentally killed by Mr. Shuan and David became the new boys in the cabin.

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About the Author

Robert Louis Stevenson (November 13, 1850 – December 3, 1894) was a Scottish novelist, essayist, poet and travel writer. He is known for works such as Treasure Island, Dr. Jekyll and The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, The Kidnapped and the Children’s Garden of Verses. Read online or download a free version of kidnapped pdf and flip eBooks right above this paragraph, if you want to learn more about Author then keep reading below.

Portrait by Henry Walter Barnett, 1893 - Robert Louis Stevenson - Source: Wikipedia

Born and graduated in Edinburgh, Stevenson suffered from severe bronchial problems most of his life, but he continued to write and mostly traveled despite his ill health. As a young man, he joined the London literary circle and was inspired by Andrew Lang, Edmund Goss, Leslie Stephen and W.E. Henley, who was the last to deliver a model for Long John Silver to Treasure Island.

In 1890, he settled in Samoa, where, shocked by the growing European and American influence on the islands in the South Sea, his writing of romance and adventurous fiction turned into darker realism. He died in his hometown on the island in 1894 at the age of 44. Read more about the Author on wiki: Robert Louis Stevenson – Wikipedia.

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