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Before you do that, the smartest thing to do would be to first listen to us below because we are making a little comparison.

Basically the comparison is between the Moby Dick Pdf and Flip version. We want to show you exactly why we recommend you to read moby dick book in flip rather then reading it in pdf.


Moby Dick Pdf Vs Flip Comparison

Basically moby dick pdf has literally all of the ILLUSTRATIONS flip has but in a minute you will  be able to see EXACTLY why we recommend you to read it in FLIP.

So, check out the first image below that represents what you can see when you have just opened up Moby Dick book in Flip.

moby dick pdf

As you can see in the image above this looks apsolutely amazing. The book gives you such an amazing experience and especially once you start reading it.

Can you see that super powerful toolbar? Of course, we have added so much features and benefits that will only just easen up your reading.

And you really don’t want to miss that. THIS BOOK IS ILLUSTRATED! ALSO! You don’t need any kind of software to open up a FLIP book.

You can easily DOWNLOAD and open it up just like you would do with the notepad or calculator on your Laptop / Computer. 🙂

So, let’s have a look on the second image below that represents exactly how you’d start Flipping’ some pages in Flip Books.

moby dick pdf by herman melville

So you just press (click / hold) your mouse on any of the corners of the pages and literally just FLIP. It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

It’s like you would do with the hand-book (Real Book). Isn’t that Astonishing or what?

YES! Of course it is. We want to change the way you read your favorite books online.

moby dick pdf

Moby Dick Pdf Summary (1st Page)

Chapter 1


all me Ishmael. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation.

Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off—then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.

This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship.

There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me.

There now is your insular city of the Manhattoes, belted round by whar- ves as Indian isles by coral reefs—commerce surrounds it with her surf. Right and left, the streets take you waterward. Its extreme downtown is the battery, where that noble mole is washed by waves, and cooled by breezes, which a few hours previous were out of sight of land.

Look at the crowds of water-gazers there.
Circumambulate the city of a dreamy Sabbath afternoon. Go from Cor- lears Hook to Coenties Slip, and from thence, by Whitehall, northward.


Moby Dick Pdf Summary (2nd Page)

What do you see?—Posted like silent sentinels all around the town, stand thousands upon thousands of mortal men fixed in ocean reveries.

Some leaning against the spiles; some seated upon the pier-heads; some looking over the bulwarks of ships from China; some high aloft in the rigging, as if striving to get a still better seaward peep.

But these are all landsmen; of week days pent up in lath and plaster—tied to counters, nailed to bench es, clinched to desks. How then is this? Are the green fields gone? What do they here?
But look! here come more crowds, pacing straight for the water, and seemingly bound for a dive. Strange!

Nothing will content them but the extremest limit of the land; loitering under the shady lee of yonder ware- houses will not suffice. No. They must get just as nigh the water as they possibly can without falling in. And there they stand—miles of them—lea- gues.

Inlanders all, they come from lanes and alleys, streets and avenues—north, east, south, and west. Yet here they all unite. Tell me, does the mag- netic virtue of the needles of the compasses of all those ships attract them thither?


moby dick pdf by herman melville


Moby Dick Pdf and Flip Book Final Thoughts

Now as you could see in the images above that we have clearly explained why we recommend you download this amazing book in flip. You can go and do so clicking on any of the buttons above.

It is absolutely your choice which one you gonna choose, whethere it be moby dick pdf or flip. It is really up to you, but now you know why FLIP is so much better.

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Or if you’d like to read more about the Author you can do it here Herman Melville

All the best and thanks for reading.

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