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Now, in this article we’d like to give you a quick glimpse into this amazing novel by Orhan Pamuk. And also we will give you a genuine book review as well as the My Name Is Red PDF vs FLIP Comparison.

So make sure you stick around for some more valid information on this book to get the best clarity you could get.

My Name Is Red Book Review

There are scenes in this book that don’t need outside information to appreciate. The story is told from a turning set of points of view that incorporates a carcass, canine, gold coin, and different delineations. Sections are named “I’m a Corpse,” “I’m Called Black,” “I’m a Dog,” “I Will Be Called a Murderer, etc.

The language/tone is managed so that in any event, perusing the viewpoint of the killed man and the killer isn’t sufficient for a peruser to track down the blameworthy party.

There are especially splendid minutes when the viewpoint shifts inside a scene to permit numerous characters to remark at the time instead of through reviews. There’s a realistic thing about this: I envision a camera moving around a room, evolving sees, zooming in, at that point working out.

At the point when drawings or props talk, they offer new points on their proprietors so everybody is seen all around, regardless of whether they’re distant from everyone else. A most loved segment is described by a gold coin and starts stupendously:

View! I’m a 22 carat Ottoman Sultani gold coin and I bear the heavenly symbol of His Excellency Our Sultan, Refuge of the World. … Hello, hi, welcome to all the expert specialists and arranged visitors. Your eyes enlarge as you see my flicker, you thrill as I gleam in the light of the oil light, lastly you bristle with envy at my proprietor. (102)

This gold coin—with its unassuming mystery, fantastic stories of being gone through the roads of Istanbul, and dread of being accumulated in a container—has more (and better) ‘character’ improvement than human characters in messy books.

I appreciate this sort of redirection in light of the fact that the coin’s excursion created essential depictions of individuals and city. Other meanderings have more subtle adjustments. Pamuk incorporates a considerable measure of legends and stories.

Some read like Aesop’s tales, however the ethics given at their nearby won’t be recognizable to western crowds. They require significant investment from a cunningly constructed whodunnit, however their topical structure enlightens the principle activity.

My Name Is Red PDF vs FLIP Comparison

In this part of the article we’d like to show you the main differences between the PDF and FLIP book of this amazing novel by Orhan Pamuk.

Even though the book was written in Turkish and was written for the turkish audience, we have it in ENGLISH and we have made it in FLIP as well.

You will see why we strongly recommend the FLIP over the PDF. And why you should go ahead and immediately download the both books and compare yourself.

my name is red pdf

So as much as you can see in the image above, this looks absolutely amazing. Fabulous actually. It is so beautiful that you can’t but notice the beauty of our FLIP books.

Hence the strong recommendation. Because you will get the Whole NEW Experience while you read your favorite books including the My Name Is Red Pdf and Flip.

Now check out the second image that explains exactly how to start flipping the pages as soon as you download and open the book.

orhan pamuk my name is red pdf

All you have to do in order to start flipping some pages in this beautiful book is rather very simple. Press (CLICK/HOLD) on any of the corners of the pages and simply flip to the other side.

Literally all you need to do. And also you have the ability to click on the arrows on the side and the page would automatically flip for you.

How cool and amazing that is, huh? So go head and download my name is red pdf and flip books right below.


Chapter 1 Of My Name Is Red Pdf Book

You slew a man and then fell out with one another concerning him.
—Koran, “The Cow.”

The blind and the seeing are not equal.
—Koran, “The Creator.”

To God belongs the East and the West.
—Koran, “The Cow.”


am nothing but a corpse now, a body at the bottom of a well. Though I drew my last breath long ago and my heart has stopped beating, no one, apart from that vile murderer, knows what’s happened to me. As for that wretch, he felt for my pulse and listened for my breath to be sure I was dead, then kicked me in the midriff, carried me to the edge of the well, raised me up and dropped me below.

As I fell, my head, which he’d smashed with a stone, broke apart; my face, my forehead and cheeks, were crushed; my bones shattered, and my mouth filled with blood.

For nearly four days I have been missing: My wife and children must be searching for me; my daughter, spent from crying, must be staring fretfully at the courtyard gate. Yes, I know they’re all at the window, hoping for my return.

But, are they truly waiting? I can’t even be sure of that. Maybe they’ve gotten used to my absence—how dismal! For here, on the other side, one gets the feeling that one’s former life persists.

Before my birth there was infinite time, and after my death, inexhaustible time. I never thought of it before: I’d been living luminously between two eternities of darkness.

I was happy; I know now that I’d been happy. I made the best illuminations in Our Sultan’s workshop; no one could rival my mastery. Through the work I did pri- vately, I earned nine hundred silver coins a month, which, naturally, only makes all of this even harder to bear.

I was responsible for painting and embellishing books. I illuminated the edges of pages, coloring their borders with the most lifelike designs of leaves, branches, roses, flowers and birds.

I painted scalloped Chinese-style clouds, clusters of over- lapping vines and forests of color that hid gazelles, galleys, sultans, trees, palaces, horses and hunters. In my youth, I would decorate a plate, or the back of a mirror, or a chest, or at times, the ceiling of a mansion or of a Bosphorus manor, or even, a wooden spoon.

In later years, however, I only worked on manuscript pages because Our Sultan paid well for them. I can’t say it seems insignificant now. You know the value of money even when you’re dead.

My Name Is Red Chapter 2 Paraphrased

Subsequent to hearing the supernatural occurrence of my voice, you may think, “Who cares what you acquired when you were alive?

Mention to us what you see. Is there post-existence? Where’s your spirit? Shouldn’t something be said about Heaven and Hell? What’s demise like? Are you in torment?” You’re correct, the living are amazingly inquisitive about the Afterlife.

Possibly you’ve heard the account of the one who was so determined by this interest that he wandered among warriors in combat zones. He looked for a man who’d kicked the bucket and gotten back to everyday routine in the midst of the injured battling for their experiences in pools of blood, a fighter who could inform him concerning the privileged insights of the Otherworld.

In any case, one of Tamerlane’s champions, taking the searcher for the adversary, divided him fifty-fifty with a smooth stroke of his scimitar, making him infer that in the Hereafter man gets part in two.

Babble! A remarkable inverse, I’d even say that spirits isolated in life converge in the Hereafter. In opposition to the cases of corrupt unbelievers who’ve fallen under the influence of the Devil, there is without a doubt a different universe, say thanks to God, and the verification is that I’m addressing you from here. I’ve passed on, yet as should be obvious, I haven’t stopped to be.

In all actuality, I should admit, I haven’t experienced the streams streaming next to the sil-ver and gold booths of Heaven, the expansive leaved trees bearing stout foods grown from the ground lovely virgins referenced in the Glorious Koran—however I do very well review how frequently and eagerly I made photos of those wide-looked at houris portrayed in the section “What Is Coming.” Nor is there a hint of those waterways of milk, wine, new water and nectar depicted with such prosper, not in the Koran, but rather by visionary visionaries like Ibn Arabi.

Yet, I have no goal of enticing the confidence of the individuals who live legitimately through their expectations and dreams of the Otherworld, so let me proclaim that all I’ve seen relates explicitly to my own extremely close to home circum-positions.

Any devotee with even a little information on post-existence would realize that a killjoy in my state would be unable to see the streams of Heaven.

So, I, who am known as Master Elegant Effendi, am dead, however I have not been covered, and accordingly my spirit has not totally left my body. This extra-conventional circumstance, albeit normally my case isn’t the first, has caused terrible enduring upon the godlike piece of me.

Final Words On The My Name Is Red Pdf And Flip Book

As much as you could tell by the images and if you read this article by the content of it we strongly recommend the FLIP because of many reasons.

But mainly because we are making the FLIP books just for you. YES! Just for YOU! So you can get the best experience possible.

We care about the user friendliness and the use experience a lot. And we want you to enjoy the max you can while reading your favorite books.

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