You can easily download Oedipus Rex Pdf and the Flip book following the download links below. But hear the story out as we’ll also give you a quick introduction as well as our own summary to the king Oedipus. It is the tale that follows the story of the king Oedipus who is King Oedipus Thebes when he realizes that he had unintentionally killed his father Laius as well as married his mom, Jocasta.

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About the Book (Oedipus Rex Summary Pdf by BB)

Through time it is now considered by many to be the Greek tragedy of all time and definitely as the pinnacle in the Sophocles his accomplishments. Oedipus’ father, King Laius of Thebes after Oedipus’s birth, discovered from an oracle that Laius was doomed to die by the hand of his son and therefore, he the queen of his household, Jocasta, was ordered by the wife of his son Jocasta to exterminate the baby.

But neither the woman nor her servant were able to kill him, and the boy was left to elements. He was found and rescued by a shepherd, prior to being taken into and raised before the courts of King who was not a child. Polybus of Corinth as if he was his own son.

Bewildered by the rumor’s that claimed there was no prince’s biological son, Oedipus sought out an oracle which predicted that he would get married to his mother and kill his father. Determined to avoid this feared fate as well as believing Polybus and Merope as his true father and mother, Oedipus quit Corinth.

While on the way to Thebes He came across Laius the real father of his And, not knowing the identities of each other they quarreled as well. Oedipus his determination to prove himself was what led him to kill Laius in order to fulfill the prophecy from the oracle.

Later, he was able to solve the mystery about his father, the Sphinx and the reward for releasing the city of Thebes from the curse of the Sphinx came from the queen Jocasta (actually His biological mom) along with the crown of Thebes. of Thebes. The prophecy thus fulfilled however nobody in the main cast knew about it at the time.

oedipus rex summary pdf

The play starts the play begins, a priest and the chorus of Theban elders call on Oedipus, the King of Theban. Oedipus to assist them in battling the plague that was given by Apollo to destroy the city.

King Oedipus had already sent Creon his brother-in law to consult with the oracle in Delphi regarding the issue And when Creon arrives at this moment, he announces that this plague can end when the murderer their former king Laius is caught and taken to court. Oedipus promises to track down the murderer as well as curses the murderer for the calamity that he caused.

Oedipus is also summoned by the prophet of blindness Tiresias that claims to have what the answer is for Oedipus’s questions but is unable to speak, complaining about his inability to discern the truth, even though it is nothing but hurt.

He suggests Oedipus to give up his search however, when the angry Oedipus complains to Tiresias for being complicit of the murder Tiresias gets incensed to tell the King the truth, that he is the one who committed the crime.

Oedipus rejects the accusation as absurd by accusing him of having been influenced by the arrogant Creon in an effort to destabilize him. Tiresias departs, offering the final question: the person who killed Laius is likely to be both brother and father for his children as well as the father of his wife. Read more summary here: Oedipus.

About the Author

Sophocles is the third of antiquated Greek tragedy writers who’s plays survived. The first play he wrote was later than, or contemporaneous with the works that were written by Aeschylus as well as earlier than, or contemporaneous with those from Euripides.

Sophocles wrote more than 120 plays, however, only seven been preserved in their entirety: Ajax, Antigone, Women of Trachis, Oedipus Rex, Electra, Philoctetes and Oedipus at Colonus.

For nearly five decades, Sophocles had been the best popular playwright in the dramatic contests held by the state of Athens that took place in the holy festivals of Lenaea as well as the Dionysia.


He participated in thirty contests which he won 24 times and was never given a lower score than second place. Aeschylus was a winner in thirteen contests and was occasionally lost to Sophocles; Euripides won four.

The most well-known tragedies from Sophocles include Oedipus in addition to Antigone The plays are considered to be The theban dramas but they were both part of a distinct Tetralogy (the rest of the members are lost).

Sophocles played a role in the evolution of drama, especially by introducing an additional actor (attributed to Sophocles by Aristotle as well as according to Aeschylus through the Themistius), thereby diminishing the role in the role of his chorus in the telling of the story. The playwright also constructed his characters to a greater degree than other playwrights. You can read more about the Author on wiki: Sophocles – Wiki.

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