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Building A “Virtual Corporation” – The Wave of the Future: Why Go Virtual?

Since the inception and spread of the internet, our world has changed.
Boundaries once thought un-crossable have not only been crossed, they have
been erased by the expansion of cyberspace. These days, you can hop online
and instantly connect with someone on the other side of the world. It’s incredible
when you stop to think about it.

Perhaps the biggest impact of the internet has been in the world of business,
where the term “global market” has taken on a whole new meaning. The ability to
connect with nearly all of civilization with a simple click of the mouse has enabled
large companies to grow even larger; and small companies that would never
have otherwise succeeded to flourish.


Virtual Corporation & Building A Virtual Corporation Explanation

Target markets can be identified, reached and serviced with the same level of professionalism whether a company consists of several thousand employees and twenty levels of management, or a couple of guys working out of a garage—and believe it or not, online consumer giant started out as exactly that.

How about search engine behemoth Google? A couple of guys working from their basement. Behold the power of the internet. With the dot-com busts of the eighties gone but not forgotten, businesses have learned their lessons and become more online-savvy than ever.

The marketing waters have been tested, and it’s possible—and even likely—for a small business owner or venture start-up to craft an enormous web presence that makes them appear as big as Pepsi.

This book will explain how to craft your virtual corporation and give your business or start-up the boost it needs to thrive in the global market—without spending or investing thousands of dollars as you would in a typical brick-and-mortar business venture.

virtual organization


Like any business, a virtual corporation requires planning and preparation to be successful. At this point you may be tempted to throw up a web site and jump right in with both feet.

Before you do, you should be aware that as much as 95 percent of startup businesses fail within three years, including virtual corporations—and the most common cause of failure is lack of planning. The information in this section will help you avoid the ill-prepared trap many businesses succumb to, and get your virtual corporation off to a great start.

Be sure you don’t skip over any of the steps—because even though your virtual corporation can be successful on a tight budget, cutting corners can bring the whole structure tumbling down. Fortunately, planning and dedication takes the place of cash investments when building a virtual corporation.

Are you VC-compatible? Let’s explore the characteristics you should possess and develop in order to prosper in cyberspace.

Do you have what it takes to create a virtual corporation?

building a virtual corporation

Running a virtual corporation takes an entirely different skill set and frame of mind than working at a physical location.

The popular conception of people who work from home, or telecommute, is a rather skewed one: when you think of working from home, you’re likely picturing a leisurely individual clad in pajamas and bunny slippers, lounging poolside with a laptop and a cool drink.

This erroneous image of a glamorous freedom from responsibility, all while earning more money than you could possibly spend, has become the impetus for many disgruntled office employees and homemakers to fuel the growth of work-athome scams.

It’s not all cold drinks, pool boys and relaxation!

The reality of operating a virtual corporation is much less dazzling. Ask anyone who runs a business from home, and they’ll paint a more accurate picture of long hours, endless responsibilities, and struggles with clients that would never occur in the regular business world.

The VC business model is not the easiest form to tackle. However, make no mistake: it is the most rewarding, and eventually, the most fun. And it does get easier.

Final Thoughts On Virtual Corporation Book and Building One

By arming yourself with the facts about running a virtual corporation before you begin one, you can turn a potential disaster into the best and most satisfying career you will ever have—and someday you will find yourself in the lounge chair by the pool, with a laptop and a cool drink, while everyone is asking you how you did it.

We’ll start by discussing the aforementioned character traits you need to be a successful virtual corporation.
Passion: Does this one come as a surprise? Passion may not seem like a difficult trait to come by, but it’s one of the most important for anyone working from home.

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