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Sidney Sheldon – A Stranger In The Mirror


Sidney Sheldon A Stranger In The Mirror is a remarkable book that you can download for free in pdf or flip versions. Keeping in mind that you DON’T need to have any software to open up a flip book on your computer/laptop. You can read Sidney Sheldon A Stranger In The Mirror book. In FLIP Version that you will Download.

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Sidney Sheldon A Stranger In The Mirror Book


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Sidney Sheldon Stranger In The Mirror Book


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A brief introduction to the Sidney Sheldon A Stranger In The Mirror book

On a Saturday morning in November in 1969, a series of bizarre and inexplicable events occurred aboard the fifty-five-thousand-ton luxury liner S.S. Bretagne as it was preparing to sail from the Port of New York to Le Havre.
Claude Dessard, chief purser of the Bretagne, a capa-able and meticulous man, ran, as he was fond of saying, a “tight ship.” In the fifteen years Dessard had served aboard the Bretagne, he had never encountered a situation he had not been able to deal with efficiently and discreetly. Considering that the
S.S. Bretagne was a French ship, this was high tribute, indeed. However, on this particular day it was as though a thousand devils were conspiring against him. It was of small consolation to his sensitive Gallic pride that the intensive investigations conducted afterward by the American and French branches of Interpol and the steamship line’s own security forces failed to turn up a single plausible explanation for the extraordinary happenings of that day.
Because of the fame of the persons involved, the story was told in headlines all over the world, but the mystery remained unsol- ved.
As for Claude Dessard, he retired from the Cie. Trans-atlanti- que and opened a bistro in Nice, where he never tired of reliving with his patrons that strange, unforgettable November day.
It had begun, Dessard recalled, with the delivery of flowers from the President of the United States.
One hour before sailing time, an official black limousine bear- ing government license plates had driven up to Pier 92 on the lower Hudson River. A man wearing a charcoal-gray suit had disembarked from the car, carrying a bouquet of thirty-six Sterling Silver roses.


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Final thoughts On Sidney Sheldon Book And How To Download


Finally this was a short and brief introduction to Sidney Sheldon A Stranger In The Mirror book. We really do hope you’ve enjoyed it. So if you wish to download Sidney Sheldon book. Simply press any of the buttons above and Your Download will automatically start.

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