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New arrival, Stephen King If It Bleeds Book. The book is amazingly thrilling. So much so that it actually makes your Read it whole as soon as you have read a single page. So you can enjoy while your Reading your favorite books at

Now here is the good part of it. We have actually Edited this whole book in FLIP File of the book. So you will Download FLIP File of this book and the BEST Part is: ” You dont need any software to OPEN it “! YEP! It runs “SOLO” on your system like NOTEPAD Does.

Anyways, here is a little representation on how would it look like if you were to Read Stephen King If It Bleeds Book.
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As you can SEE. It Really LOOKS Amazing! Doesn’t It? So this is If It Bleeds by Stephen King book in our FLIP Version. You are basically “FLIPPING” pages clicking on an edge and holding and more. Which you can of course “explore” once you are In.
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There you go people. Now you’ve seen it. And I must say you will really be amazed by the feeling when you start Reading it.
Without further ado, You can read more information about stephen king if it bleeds book below.


Brief Introduction To The Stephen King If It Bleeds Book


 My home town was just a village of six hundred or so (and still is, although I have moved away), but we had the Internet just like the big cities, so my father and I got less and less personal mail. Usually all Mr. Nedeau brought was the weekly copy of Time, fliers addressed to Occupant or Our Friendly Neighbors, and the monthly bills. But starting in 2004, the year I turned nine and began working for Mr. Harrigan up the hill, I could count on at least four envelopes hand-addressed to me each year.

There was a Valentine’s Day card in February, a birthday card in September, a Thanksgiving Day card in November, and a Christmas card either just before or just after the holiday. Inside each card was a one-dollar scratch ticket from the Maine State Lottery, and the signature was always the same: Good Wishes from Mr. Harrigan. Simple and formal.
My father’s reaction was always the same, too: a laugh and a good-natured roll of the eyes.
“He’s a cheapster,” Dad said one day. This might have been when I was eleven, a couple of years after the cards began arriving. “Pays you cheap wages and gives you a cheap bonus–Lucky Devil tickets from Howie’s.”
I pointed out that one of those four scratchers usually paid off a couple of bucks.

There is more to it…

When that happened, Dad collected for me at Howie’s, because minors weren’t supposed to play the lottery, even if the tickets were freebies. Once, when I hit it big and won five dollars, I asked Dad to buy me five more dollar scratch-offs. He refused, saying if he fed my gambling addiction, my mother would roll over in her grave.
“Harrigan doing it is bad enough,” Dad said. “Besides, he should be paying you seven dollars an hour. Maybe even eight.

God knows he could afford it. Five an hour may be legal, since you’re just a kid, but some would consider it child abuse.”
“I like working for him,” I said. “And I like him, Dad.”

“I understand that,” he said, “and it’s not like reading to him and weeding his flower garden makes you a twenty-first-century Oliver Twist, but he’s still a cheapster. I’m surprised he’s willing to spring for postage to mail those cards, when it can’t be more than a quarter of a mile from his mailbox to ours.”

We were on our front porch when we had this conversation, drinking glasses of Sprite, and Dad cocked a thumb up our road (dirt, like most of them in Harlow) to Mr. Harrigan’s house. Which was really a mansion, complete with an indoor pool, a conservatory, a glass elevator that I absolutely loved to ride in, and a greenhouse out back where there used to be a dairy barn (before my time, but Dad remembered it well).

“You know how bad his arthritis is,” I said. “Now he uses two canes instead of one sometimes. Walking down here would about kill him.”


– So that’s it. If you have come to the end of this page then congratulations and thank you. We hope you Like the brief introduction to the book. And of course we hope you will Try and READ it in a Premium Flip version for FREE.

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