The Black Police

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Description of the Book

Black Police in America is the most well-researched and well-researched piece I’ve read about African Americans in law enforcement.” – Nudie Eugene Williams, University of Arkansas

“Filled with compelling stories and accounts of racism and courage, as well as photographs and drawings, this volume fills a void in the study of the African-American experience.” -South Carolina History Magazine

“. . . An innovative and original study and a major contribution to the field of African-American and civil history and criminal justice.” – The Journal of American History



The Black Police Pdf – About The Book
Author: A.J. Vogan
Total Pages (PDF) 284
Total Pages (FLIP) 284
Pdf Size 3.036 MB
Flip Size 53.869 MB
Language English
Genre A novel
Rights A.J. Vogan (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

 British journalist Arthur Vogan’s documentary about the Queensland Homeland Police. In a “Note to Readers” at the beginning of the novel, Vogan states, “The main scenes and events used are the result of my own observations and experiences.”

In the book, Vogan details the atrocities committed by the Aboriginal police and criticizes the behavior of the larger society towards Aboriginal Australians and their children. It should be noted that Vogan included a map near the end of the novel, titled “Map of Modern Australia” which showed the areas “Forms of Aboriginal Slavery”, “The Worst Forms of Slavery” and “All Natives Destroyed. and the Dark War”. “

You can read more about the author if you follow this link here: A. J. Vogan


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