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About the Book – The Blind Musician Book Summary

Vladimir Korolenko wrote The Blind Musician in 1886. It was originally serialized by Russkiye Verdomosti in February-April of that year. A significantly altered version appeared in July 1886 issue Russkaya Mysl.

The separate edition, which was again revised by the author, came out a year later. After the sixth edition of the book was published in 1898, Korolenko stopped editing.

The Blind Musician is his most well-known and acclaimed work. It was criticized by the Moscow University‘s private A.M. Shcherbina. A blind person, Shcherbina considered Korolenko’s theories about the ‘intrinsic yearning for light’ completely untrue. ”

…I have never sought to create a credible treatise about blind man’s psychology. In a letter to Arkady Gornfeld dated 10 January 1917, Korolenko stated that the idea was to examine man’s desire for all things impossible, for this ever missing life.

the blind musician

How it all started?

The Popelski family is the parents of a child. It is later discovered that he cannot see. Although the mother is upset, nothing can be done to fix her child’s blindness. To prevent him from getting sick or injured, parents spoil their child.

Uncle Maxim, who lives at the Popelskys’ home, sees in Petrusha his potential to be a great musician. He advises the mother to not pamper the baby too much, as the child might become depressed and doubt his ability to do anything on his own. The work “The Blind Musician” summarizes the time of a young man’s growth and his choice for his life.

Peter is growing up but has no friends. He has difficulty getting along with his peers because he already feels his disability and they don’t have the same topics of conversation. He watches the children play, and he waits to be called.

Evelina, a young girl, arrives at the estate where the Popelskys are located. She meets Peter and shows interest in him. Surprised to learn that the boy was blind, it was a complete surprise. Evelina even wept out of compassion for the boy, and her heart was immediately filled with love and indelible yearning. Gradually the children became close friends and were never apart.

The boy is now showing obvious musical talent. The book “The Blind Musician” describes how the talent of a young musician develops and becomes stronger. Petrusha first heard Joachim, the groom’s voice. He began to play the pipe and soon became a regular visitor. Petrusha learned how to play the pipe after the first lessons. Read more about the book here: Book Summary.

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About the Author

Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko (Original name: Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko), was born on 27th of July 1853, and died on 25th of December 1921 in Ukraine. He was a journalist, journalist, human rights activist, and humanitarian from Ukrainian and Polish ancestry.

The Blind Musician (1886) is his most well-known work. There are also many stories that were inspired by his experiences in Siberia. Korolenko was a vocal critic of the Tsarist system and the Bolshevik.

Vladimir Korolenko was born Zhytomyr ( Volhynian Governorate), which was then part of the Russian EmpireHis Ukrainian Cossack father was Poltava-born Galaktion Adafasyevich Korolenko (from 1810-1868).

Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko

He was a district judge and, with his “defiant honesty” and refusal to accept bribes, he was a recognizable figure among the people in his field. His mother Evelina Skorewicz (1833-1903) was of Polish heritage. According to D.S., Korolenko didn’t know his nationality in childhood and learned Polish to read before he could speak Russian. Mirsky. Mirsky.

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