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The Book of Dragons Pdf – About The Book
Author: Edith Nesbit
Total Pages (PDF) 128
Total Pages (FLIP) 128
Pdf Size 3.376 MB
Flip Size 39.240 MB
Language English
Genre Fiction
Rights Edith Nesbit (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
Pdf / Flip Link Available For Free Download

The Book of Dragons Pdf book summary

In “The Book of Beasts”, little Lionel is taken from the building and palace from the blocks of his nursery to become king. But at first he seems to be a cruel little king who tends to open a magical book once owned by his great-grandfather of wizards.

And every time he opens it, a magical creature emerges from one of the sides. It doesn’t hurt the little things at first, but a dragon will appear soon. The kind of kite that comes to town every Saturday and, say, eats a football team or an orphanage to fill it up for a week. What can Lionel do to regain the love of its citizens? He needs to reopen the book and find an animal that will help him defeat the dragon!

“Uncle James or The Purple Stranger” tells the imaginary story of an island that “turned in the wrong direction” in early world history, and as a result all the animals were the wrong size. . Elephants are breast-sized pets and guinea pigs are very large. But the people were the right size, and little Princess Mary Ann thought the gardener’s son was the right man for her.

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He did this by rescuing the princess from a purple dragon gift as a birthday present to his evil uncle James. (“Magicians are always bad, as you know from your fairy books, and some uncles are bad, as you see by Babes in the Wood, or the Norfolk Tragedy, and one James at least was bad, as you have learned from your English history. And when anyone is a magician, and is also an uncle, and is named James as well, you need not expect anything nice from him. He is a Threefold Complete Bad-and he will come to no good.”)

In “The Deliverers of Their Country,” a nationwide plague of dragons begins with a tiny gnat-sized one getting in little Effie’s eye. Soon the country is overrun with dragons ranging in size from the kind that get in your tea to the kind that eat elephants.

For Harry and Effie, the worst kind are the dining-room-sized ones that eat children. Soon no one dares to go out during the day (because the dragons sleep at night.) But eventually Harry and Effie risk it, they first visit St. Wake up Louise. George, do what he tells them to stop the dragons. . (Where I live, the “crane station” has only two taps: sun and dust.)

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About the Author

Edith Nesbit (August 15, 1858 – May 4, 1924) was an English writer and poet who published her children’s books, such as E. Nesbit. He has written or collaborated on more than 60 books. He was also a political activist and co-founder of the Fabian Society, a socialist organization that later joined the Labor Party. Read or download the book of dragons pdf and flip ebooks right above this paragraph or continue reading more about the author below.

Nesbit was born in 1858 at 38 Lower Kennington Lane, Kennington, Surrey (now classified as Inner London), daughter of agricultural chemist John Collise Nesbit, who died in March 1862 before his fourth birthday. His mother was Sarah Green (nee Alderton).

Edith Nesbit, ca. 1890 - Source: wikipedia

Edith’s sister Mary’s illness caused the family to travel and live in different parts of Brighton, Buckinghamshire, France for several years (Dieppe, Rouen, Paris, Tours, Poitiers, Angoulême, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Pau, Bagnères-de-Bigorre and Dinan in Britain) , Spain and Germany. Mary became engaged to the poet Philip Bourk Marston in 1871, but died of tuberculosis in Normandy later that year. Read more about author: Edith Nesbit.

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