The Brothers Karamazov Pdf Book Part 4 is really so thrilling not just because it’s the last part of the book. But because it’s the most fun to read as well. There are some great pin points in the book which you will find highly interesting.

The best part of it is that it is now available in pdf and flip version. We highly recommend reading The Brothers Karamazov Book in Flip Version available on our website. Why?

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  1.  You don’t need any software to open flip file of the brothers karamazov book
  2. You have definitely never seen a book made in flip before, so therefore you will enjoy it more.
  3. Book is so readable in this version because it sends you back to the early ages. When we were all reading books in elementary / high school

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It is indeed one of the best feelings when you start reading your favorite books in our FLIP version. You will find out exactly why when you download the book.


The Brothers Karamazov Part 4 Brief Introduction


IT was the beginning of November. There had been a hard frost, eleven degrees Reaumur, without snow, but a little dry snow had fallen on the frozen ground during the night, and a keen dry wind was lifting and blowing it along the dreary streets of our town, especially about the market-place. It was a dull morning, but the snow had ceased.
Not far from the market-place, close to Plotnikov’s shop, there stood a small house, very clean both without and within. It belonged to Madame Krassotkin, the widow of a former provincial secretary, who had been dead for fourteen years.

His widow, still a nice-looking woman of thirty- two, was living in her neat little house on her private means. She lived in respectable seclusion; she was of a soft but fairly cheerful disposition.

She was about eighteen at the time of her husband’s death; she had been married only a year and had just borne him a son. From the day of his death she had devoted herself heart and soul to the bringing up of her precious treasure, her boy Kolya.

Though she had loved him passio- nately those fourteen years, he had caused her far more suffering than happiness. She had been trembling and fainting with terror almost every day, afraid he would fall ill, would catch cold, do something naughty, climb on a chair and fall off it, and so on and so on. When Kolya began going to school, the mother devoted herself to studying all the sciences with him so as to help him, and go through his lessons with him.

There is more to it …

She hastened to make the acquaintance of the teachers and their wives, even made up to Kolya’s schoolfellows, and fawned upon them in the hope of thus saving Kolya from being teased, laughed at, or beaten by them.

She went so far that the boys actually began to mock at him on her acco- unt and taunt him with being a “mother’s darling.”

But the boy could take his own part. He was a resolute boy, “tremen- dously strong,” as was rumoured in his class, and soon proved to be the fact; he was agile, strong-willed, and of an audacious and enterprising temper. He was good at lessons, and there was a rumour in the school that he could beat the teacher, Dardanelov, at arithmetic and universal history.

Though he looked down upon everyone, he was a good comrade and not supercilious. He accepted his schoolfellows’ respect as his due, but was friendly with them. Above all, he knew where to draw the line.


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