The Brothers Karamazov Pdf & Flip version available. As you already probably know The Brothers Karamazov Book is an amazing book. Really worth reading it.

So now when you compare older versions of this book, you go, this is bad, right? Why? people don’t do anything else except uploading a book online. Therefore we have decided to make a FLIP version of this book.

Because it looks so much more MODERN, Beautiful, Bold and more…

SO here is the little representation of how it looks like when you have just opened The Brothers Karamazov Book in FLIP …

The Brothers Karamazov Pdf & Flip Part 3

As you can see all we can say is beautiful. So now you see why we are giving you this book in FLIP. Here is the second image representing how it looks like when you start flipping some pages’

The Brothers Karamazov Book Flip presentation

So there it is. We really hope you enjoyed this little presentation. And now here is the brothers karamazov summary of the book.

The Brothers Karamazov Pdf PART3 Brief Introduction


THE body of Father Zossima was prepared for burial according to the established Ritual. As is well known, the bodies of dead monks and hermits are not washed.

In the words of the Church Ritual: “If any one of the monks depart in the Lord, the monk designated (that is, whose office it is) shall wipe the body with warm water, making first the sign of the cross with a sponge on the forehead of the deceased, on the breast, on the hands and feet and on the knees, and that is enough.” All this was done by Father Paissy, who then clothed the deceased in his monastic garb and wrapped him in his cloak, which was, according to custom, somewhat slit to allow of its being folded about him in the form of a cross.

On his head he put a hood with an eight-cornered cross. The hood was left open and the dead man’s face was covered with black gauze. In his hands was put an ikon of the Saviour. Towards morning he was put in the coffin which had been made ready long before.

It was decided to leave the coffin all day in the cell, in the larger room in which the elder used to receive his visitors and fellow monks. As the deceased was a priest and monk of the strictest rule, the Gospel, not the Psalter, had to be read over his body by monks in holy orders.

The reading was begun by Father Iosif immediately after the requiem service.

There Is More To It …

Father Paissy desired later on to read the Gospel all day and night over his dead friend, but for the present he, as well as the Father Superintendent of the Hermitage, was very busy and occupied, for something extraordinary, an unheard- of, even “unseemly” excitement and impatient expectation began to be apparent in the monks, and the visitors from the monastery hostels, and the crowds of people flocking from the town.

And as time went on, this grew more and more marked. Both the Superintendent and Father Paissy did their utmost to calm the general bustle and agitation.
When it was fully daylight, some people began bringing their sick, in most cases children, with them from the town — as though they had been waiting expressly for this moment to do so, evidently persuaded that the dead elder’s remains had a power of healing, which would be immediately made manifest in accordance with their faith. It was only then apparent how unquestionably everyone in our town had accepted Father Zossima during his lifetime as a great saint. And those who came were far from being all of the humbler classes.
This intense expectation on the part of believers displayed with such haste, such openness, even with impatience and almost insistence, impressed Father Paissy as unseemly.


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Also, you can learn more about the amazing author of this amazing book series right here: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky.

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