The Count Of Monte Cristo Pdf Novel Free Download as easy as 1 2 3 Clicking on any of the Download buttons down below. This vintage book contains the fourth volume of Alexandre Dumas’ renowned experience novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo“.

Set in mid nineteenth century France during the hour of the Bourbon Restoration, it recounts the tale of a man’s improper detainment, his getaway, and his inexhaustible mission for retribution.

Just like we did in the previous parts of the fabulous book series we will do the same in this one as well. We will give you a brief introduction to the book itself down below, also, we will give you a quick and of course one of the best book reviews there is.

And on top of that we will show you the main differences between the ordinary pdf book format we’re all so used to by now and the extraordinary FLIP book format we’ve started building JUST FOR YOU guys.

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The Count Of Monte Cristo Book Review

An astonishing story of expectation, equity, retaliation, leniency, and absolution, “The Count of Monte Cristo” is legitimately one the most popular books ever, and merits a spot on each shelf.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) was a renowned French author. He is best associated with his astonishing heartfelt adventures, including “The Three Musketeers” and “Chicot the Jester”. Regardless of making a lot of cash from his composition, Dumas was ceaselessly poverty stricken because of his extreme way of life.

His books have been converted into almost 100 distinct dialects, and have roused more than 200 films. A considerable lot of the soonest books, especially those tracing all the way back to the 1900s and previously, are currently amazingly scant and progressively costly.

We are republishing this curator book now in a reasonable, current, great version complete with a uniquely dispatched new memoir of the writer.

The Count Of Monte Cristo PDF vs FLIP Presentation

In this part of the article, as you probably already know, we will show you the MAIN differences between the ordinary pdf books and the FLIP books we’re making just for you. Take a look at the first image down below…

the count of monte cristo pdf - vol 4

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As you can probably tell by the image above, you simply Press (Left Click & Hold) on the corner of the page and just FLIP to the other side. This is pretty much everything you need to do in order to start flipping some pages.

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The Count of Monte Cristo Pdf English - Vol 4

The Count Of Monte Cristo Pdf – Chapter 74 – Page 1- Book Summary

Chapter 74.
The Villefort Family Vault

Two days after, a considerable crowd was assembled, towards ten o’clock in the morning, around the door of M. de Villefort’s house, and a long file ofmourning-coaches and private carriages extended along the Faubourg Saint-Honoré and the Rue de la Pépinière.

Among them was one of a very singular form, which appeared to have come from a distance. It was a kind of covered wagon, painted black, and was one of the first to arrive.

Inquiry was made, and it was ascertained that, by a strange coincidence, this carriage contained the corpse of the Marquis de Saint-Méran, and that those who had come thinking to attend one funeral would follow two.

Their number was great. The Marquis de Saint-Méran, one of the most zealous and faithful dignitaries of Louis XVIII. and King Charles X., had preserved a great number of friends, and these, added to the personages whom the usages of society gave Villefort a claim on, formed a considerable body.

Due information was given to the authorities, and permission obtained that the two funerals should take place at the same time. A second hearse, decked with the same funereal pomp, was brought to M. de Villefort’s door, and the coffin removed into it from the post-wagon.

The two bodies were to be interred in the cemetery of Père-Lachaise, where M. de Villefort had long since had a tomb prepared for the reception of his family. The remains of poor Renée were already deposited there, and now, after ten years of separation, her father and mother were to be reunited with her.

The Parisians, always curious, always affected by funereal display, looked on with religious silence while the splendid procession accompanied to their last abode two of the number of the old aristocracy—the greatest protectors of commerce and sincere devotees to their principles.

In one of the mourning-coaches Beauchamp, Debray, and Château-Renaud were talking of the very sudden death of the marchioness.

The Count Of Monte Cristo – Chapter 74 – Page 2 – Book Summary

“I saw Madame de Saint-Méran only last year at Marseilles, when I was coming back from Algiers,” said Château-Renaud; “she looked like a woman destined to live to be a hundred years old, from her apparent sound health and great activity of mind and body. How old was she?”

“Franz assured me,” replied Albert, “that she was sixty-six years old. But she has not died of old age, but of grief; it appears that since the death of the marquis, which affected her very deeply, she has not completely recovered her reason.”

“But of what disease, then, did she die?” asked Debray.
“It is said to have been a congestion of the brain, or apoplexy, which is the same thing, is it not?”

“It is difficult to believe that it was apoplexy,” said Beauchamp. “Madame de Saint-Méran, whom I once saw, was short, of slender form, and of a much more nervous than sanguine temperament; grief could hardly produce apoplexy in such a constitution as that of Madame de Saint-Méran.”

“At any rate,” said Albert, “whatever disease or doctor may have killed her, M. de Villefort, or rather, Mademoiselle Valentine,—or, still rather, our friend Franz, inherits a magnificent fortune, amounting, I believe, to 80,000 livres per annum.”
“And this fortune will be doubled at the death of the old Jacobin, Noirtier.”

“That is a tenacious old grandfather,” said Beauchamp. “Tenacem propositi vir- um. I think he must have made an agreement with death to outlive all his heirs, and he appears likely to succeed. He resembles the old Conventionalist of ‘93, who said to Napoleon, in 1814, ‘You bend because your empire is a young stem, weakened by rapid growth.

Take the Republic for a tutor; let us return with renewed strength to the battle-field, and I promise you 500,000 soldiers, another Marengo, and a second Austerlitz. Ideas do not become extinct, sire; they slumber sometimes, but only revive the stronger before they sleep entirely.’”
“Ideas and men appeared the same to him,” said Albert.

“One thing only puzzles me, namely, how Franz d’Épinay will like a grandfather who cannot be separated from his wife. But where is Franz?”
“In the first carriage, with M. de Villefort, who considers him already as one of

Final Words On The Count Of Monte Cristo Pdf And The Flip Books

Finally, we’ve come to the end of this amazing part of the fabulous book serie by Alexandre Dumas too. We hope you’ve enjoyed this one as you did the last ones, and so we want you to consider grabbing your own copy of the extraordinary FLIP book format right away…

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Also, we have all of the previous parts of this amazing book series that you can download and read right away, so, you can find those right below:

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