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This vintage book contains the fifth volume of Alexandre Dumas’ renowned experience novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Set in mid nineteenth century France during the hour of the Bourbon Restoration, it recounts the tale of a man’s illegitimate detainment, his break, and his inexhaustible mission for retribution.

As we did in the previous parts we will do in this, last one as well. We will give you the quick glimpse to the book itself and also give you the best possible book review.

Also, for all of you amazing people out there that really understand the FLIP book format then amazing. Good for you. But you guys that don’t, we will give you a glimpse to why we strongly recommend the FLIP books for you as well.

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The Count Of Monte Cristo Vol 5 Book Review

An awesome story of expectation, equity, retribution, kindness, and pardoning, “The Count of Monte Cristo” is legitimately one the most well known books ever, and merits a spot on each shelf.

Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) was a well known French author. He is best associated with his thrilling heartfelt adventures, including “The Three Musketeers” and “Chicot the Jester”.

Notwithstanding making a lot of cash from his composition, Dumas was unendingly poor on account of his lavish way of life. His books have been converted into almost 100 distinct dialects, and have motivated more than 200 films.

A large number of the soonest books, especially those tracing all the way back to the 1900s and previously, are very scant and progressively costly. We are republishing this collector book now in a moderate, present day, great version complete with a uniquely authorized new memoir of the writer.

Edmond Dantes thinks life is excellent until he is captured and detained for a wrongdoing he didn’t perpetrate.

Upon his not well gotten opportunity, and outfitted with the guide to track down an immense and interminable fortune, Edmond leaves on an undertaking to recover his honor and look for retribution for the long years he experienced secured away jail.

Frenchmen and sexiness go connected at the hip, and despite the fact that Edmond has been out of the round of adoration for quite a while, he figures out how to get precisely what he needs, and from whom.

Double-crossing, desire, fury, and expectation all run along a similar passionate vein, and Edmond figures out how to turn individuals’ feelings to acquire his recovery.

The Count Of Monte Cristo PDF vs FLIP Comparison

This is, literally, our favorite part of this article, and here we will show you the MAIN differences between the ordinary pdf and the amazing FLIP books, and also why we strongly recommend the FLIP ones over the pdf. Check out the first image below and you’ll come to know most of the reasons behind all of this.

the count of monte cristo pdf - vol 5

As much as you can tell by the image above, this looks absolutely fabulous. Like from a fairy tale. Literally changes the way you’re reading your favorite books online/offline.

So beautiful. In fact, the most beautiful book format ever. Now take a look at how you can use the flip books in the image below.

the count of monte cristo pdf novel

Now, the best part of this is that all you need to do is simply press and hold on any of the corners of the page while your flipping it to the other side.

It’s really outstanding. The user experience, the ease of use, the looks, everything really is so much different to the other book formats.

The Count Of Monte Cristo Pdf Chapter 96 – Page 1 Book Summary

Chapter 96.
The Contract

Three days after the scene we have just described, namely towards five o’clock in the afternoon of the day fixed for the signature of the contract between Ma- demoiselle Eugénie Danglars and Andrea Cavalcanti, whom the banker persisted in calling prince, a fresh breeze was stirring the leaves in the little garden in front of the Count of Monte Cristo’s house, and the count was preparing to go out.

While his horses were impatiently pawing the ground, held in by the coachman, who had been seated a quarter of an hour on his box, the elegant phaeton with which we are familiar rapidly turned the angle of the entrance-gate, and cast out on the doorsteps M. And- rea Cavalcanti, as decked up and gay as if he were going to marry a princess.
He inquired after the count with his usual familiarity, and ascending lightly to the first story met him at the top of the stairs.

The count stopped on seeing the young man. As for Andrea, he was launched, and when he was once launched nothing stopped him.
“Ah, good morning, my dear count,” said he.

“Ah, M. Andrea,” said the latter, with his half-jesting tone; “how do you do?”
“Charmingly, as you see. I am come to talk to you about a thousand things; but, first tell me, were you going out or just returned?”

“I was going out, sir.”
“Then, in order not to hinder you, I will get up with you if you please in your carriage, and Tom shall follow with my phaeton in tow.”

“No,” said the count, with an imperceptible smile of contempt, for he had no wish to be seen in the young man’s society,—”no; I prefer listening to you here, my dear M.Andrea; we can chat better in-doors, and there is no coachman to overhear ourconversation.”

The count returned to a small drawing-room on the first floor, sat down, and crossing his legs motioned to the young man to take a seat also. Andrea assumed his gayest manner.

The Count Of Monte Cristo Chapter 96 – Page 2 Book Summary

“You know, my dear count,” said he, “the ceremony is to take place this evening. At nine o’clock the contract is to be signed at my father-in-law’s.”
“Ah, indeed?” said Monte Cristo.

“What; is it news to you? Has not M. Danglars informed you of the ceremony?”
“Oh, yes,” said the count; “I received a letter from him yesterday, but I do not think the hour was mentioned.”
“Possibly my father-in-law trusted to its general notoriety.”

“Well,” said Monte Cristo, “you are fortunate, M. Cavalcanti; it is a most suitable alliance you are contracting, and Mademoiselle Danglars is a handsome girl.”

“Yes, indeed she is,” replied Cavalcanti, in a very modest tone.
“Above all, she is very rich,—at least, I believe so,” said Monte Cristo.
“Very rich, do you think?” replied the young man.
“Doubtless; it is said M. Danglars conceals at least half of his fortune.”

“And he acknowledges fifteen or twenty millions,” said Andrea with a look spar- kling with joy.
“Without reckoning,” added Monte Cristo, “that he is on the eve of entering into a sort of speculation already in vogue in the United States and in England, but quite novel in France.”

“Yes, yes, I know what you mean,—the railway, of which he has obtained the grant, is it not?”
“Precisely; it is generally believed he will gain ten millions by that affair.”
“Ten millions! Do you think so? It is magnificent!” said Cavalcanti, who was quite confounded at the metallic sound of these golden words.

“Without reckoning,” replied Monte Cristo, “that all his fortune will come to you, and justly too, since Mademoiselle Danglars is an only daughter. Besides, your own fortune, as your father assured me, is almost equal to that of your betrothed. But enough of money matters. Do you know, M. Andrea, I think you have managed this affair rather skilfully?”

“Not badly, by any means,” said the young man; “I was born for a diplomatist.”
“Well, you must become a diplomatist; diplomacy, you know, is something that is not to be acquired; it is instinctive. Have you lost your heart?”

Final Words On The Count Of Monte Cristo Pdf And Flip Books

As you could tell by all of the images there are many of the reasons to why we recommend the FLIP books and why you should go ahead and get yourself a copy immediately.

And also, if you’ve read the whole text then you know for sure it is the best decision you would make for yourself about the books you read.

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Also, if you’d like to learn more about the amazing Author of this phenomenal book series then make sure you go ahead and visit right here: Alexandre Dumas.

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