The Cruise of The Canoe Club

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Description of the Book

It is an exceptionally simple thing for four young men to make up their psyches to get four kayaks and to go on a kayak journey, yet it isn’t generally so natural to complete such a venture — as Charley Smith, Tom Schuyler, Harry Wilson, and Joe Sharpe found.

Kayaks cost cash; and however a few kayaks cost more than others, it is difficult to purchase another wooden kayak of an endorsed model for under 75 bucks. Four kayaks, at 75 bucks each, would cost through and through three hundred[8] dollars. As the whole measure of pocket-cash in the ownership of the young men was just seven bucks and thirteen pennies, obviously they were not unequivocally in that frame of mind to purchase kayaks.

There was Harry’s uncle, who had previously outfitted his nephew and his young confidants first with a skiff, and afterward with a sailboat. Indeed, even a kind uncle merits some benevolence, and the young men concurred that it could never do to request that Uncle John burn through 300 bucks in kayaks for them. “The most we can request from him,” said Charley Smith, “is to allow us to offer the Phantom and utilize the cash to help pay for kayaks.”



The Cruise of The Canoe Club – About The Book
Author: William L. Alden
Total Pages (PDF) 88
Total Pages (FLIP) 88
Pdf Size 2.664 MB
Flip Size 39.427 MB
Language English
Genre Fiction, Novel
Rights William L. Alden (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

William Livingston Alden (1837-1908) was a noticeable American columnist, fiction essayist, comedian, and kayak devotee. He was a US negotiator in Rome from 1885 to 1890 and from there on lived in Europe until no time before his passing.

He moved on from Jefferson in 1858 and read regulations in New York City with William M. Evarts, joining the bar in 1860. He provided legal counsel until 1866. He then, at that point, turned into a writer, composing for the Scribner’s Month to month, The Atlantic, New York World, and Everyday Realistic.

Read more about the author here: William L. Alden.



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