The Governor’s Man

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Description of the Book

I am becoming an old man these days, having learned the Psalms well.
ist span of human existence – and a year or two to boot – and because life is for me
now just to be happy in the memory of the past, I will work to turn the corner, let my children and my grandchildren, and those who will follow them will know what kind of man was their first ancestor.

For so I consider myself in this wonderful new country, the birthplace of Britain

I have noticed that here in Australia, we have started having more babies of old products (as they did in America), and as they can do again the tree, for all I could predict against it. The first year, for us Australians-year, commenced January 26, 1788; at the beginning of me, like life
man, I saw on that sunny morning in the winter of 1806, when I arrived,
prisoner, from a boat in Sydney Cove.



The Governor’s Man Pdf – About The Book
Author: J.H.M. Abbot
Total Pages (PDF) 132
Total Pages (FLIP) 132
Pdf Size 2.390 MB
Flip Size 31.870 MB
Language English
Genre A Novel, Classic
Rights J.H.M. Abbot (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

He was the eldest son of (Sir) Joseph Palmer Abbott and his first wife Matilda Elizabeth, née Macartney.

He was educated at King’s School in Parramatta, then studied at the University of Sydney before returning to the family home to work as a jackaroo. He published his first verse in the Bulletin in 1897.

You can read more about the author if you follow this link here: J.H.M. Abbot


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