The Great Navigators of the 18th Century Pdf/Flip PART 2 Free Download, and or Read Online! The Great Navigators of the 18th Century was written by Jules Verne and has been published in the 1880 the first time. The book contains some of the amazing discoveries by few men at that time.

Also includes how captain cook died and what comes after it. An amazing read for all of the bookworms and book enthusiasts out there. We will give you a quick summary of the great navigators of the 18th century pdf book.

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About the Book

In the earliest half of the 18th century some discoveries were made that have indeed contributed to the geographical science a lot. And this is what the book is all about. It even mentions the very death of the captain cook and how he ended up where he did.

This all brings us to a conclusion that really, a science research at that time, especially the geographical one, for the people that were mapping the world we know today was not at all easy. And many of them have died in terrible ways one can go away.

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Jean Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier, who was a captain of one of the India’s boat companies was so immensely struck by the geographical space surrounding the northern pole know at that time as the Terra Australis incognita that he literally begged of prosecuting discoveries of the area.

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His importunities have been disregarded all up until 1738 when two small ship frigates left Brest on 19th July in pursuit of the very same discoveries under the command of the very same man that begged and was disregarded, Jean Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier.

After they stayed a whole month at the St. Catherine’s Island, on the coast of Brazil, they again put on the sea and steered for the south-east. You can read more about the book here: The Great Discoveries of the 18th Century Part 2. You can also go ahead and grab the first copy and read the first part of this amazing book here: The Great Discoveries of the Eighteenth Century Pdf / Flip – Part 1.

About The Author

Jules Gabriel Verne was a French poet, writer, novelist and a playwright. He was born on the 8th February in 1828 in the Nantes town of France. His collaboration with Pierre-Jules Hetzel lead to many of the best selling books we know him by today.

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Including the ones we all had to read when we’re in elementary and middle schools. Like: Around the world in 80 days, Journey to the center of the earth and Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Though he also made many of the famous reads just like the one above, we all know him by the reads above. Learn more about Jules Gabriel Verne – Wiki.

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Final Words On The Great Navigators of the 18th Century Pdf / Flip Books – Part 2

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