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The Hound of the Baskervilles Pdf – About The Book
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Book Series Name Sherlock Holmes
Total Pages (PDF) 174
Total Pages (FLIP) 174
Pdf Size 2.19 MB
Flip Size 35.975 MB
Language English
Genre Classic
Rights arthurconandoyle.com (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
Pdf / Flip Link Available For Free Download
Contents in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes PDF eBook Silver Blaze – The yellow face – The stock-broker’s clerk – The “Gloria Scott” – The Musgrave ritual – The Reigate puzzle – The crooked man – The resident patient – The Greek interpreter – The naval treaty – The final problem.
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The Hound of the Baskervilles Pdf Summary by BajrontBooks

The Baskerville Dog Unrolls Mini-Mystery – Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson speculated about the identity of the stick owner left in her office by an unknown visitor. Impressed by Watson’s surprising observational abilities, Holmes predicted the appearance of James Mortimer, the owner of the found object and a quick entry into the confusing Baskervilles curse.

Entering the office and opening the 18th-century manuscript, Mortimer tells the myth of the obscene Hugo Baskerville. Hugo captures and imprisons a young woman in the countryside of Devonshire to fall victim to a predatory dog ​​in hell as he chases her through lonely moors one night.

Since then, according to Mortimer, the Baskerville line has been plagued by a mysterious and supernatural black dog. The recent death of Sir Charles Baskerville has once again raised suspicions and fears. The closest the duo knows came to London to take over his duties at Baskerville Hall, but he was already frightened by an unknown warning and, surprisingly, the theft of a shoe. (To Download The Hound of the Baskervilles Pdf book just skip to the download section below this summary).

the hound of the baskervilles pdf

Holmes and Watson soon discover that Sir Henry Baskerville has been followed to London by a mysterious bearded stranger, and speculate whether the ghost is a friend or a foe. However, Holmes announced that he was too busy in London to accompany Mortimer and Sir Henry to Devonshire to find out about the case, and sent Dr. Watson was his eyes and ears, and he insisted he always reported.

Once Watson is in Devonshire, he detects a state of emergency where armed guards watch a fugitive criminal roam the pagans. He met potential suspects in Mr. Barrymore and Mrs. Barrymore, housekeeper, and Mr. Jack Stapleton and his sister Beryl, neighbors in Baskerville.

A series of mysteries comes in quick succession: Barrymore is caught wandering around the mansion at night; Watson looked at the lone man guarding the harbors; and the doctor heard what appeared to be a barking dog.

Beryl Stapleton issues a mysterious warning, and Watson learns of a secret meeting between Sir Charles and a local woman named Laura Lyons on the night of his death.

When Watson tries his best to uncover these strands of mystery, he discovers that Barrymore’s night trips are just his attempts to help the escaped imposter who turns into a mistress.

Brother Barrymore. The doctor interrogates Laura Lyons to assess her involvement and discovers that the only person investigating the pagans is none other than Sherlock Holmes himself. To break the mystery, Holmes is needed – hidden so as not to reveal the villain’s involvement.

Mr. Holmes found that Stapleton was in fact consistent with inheriting Baskerville’s fortunes, and was therefore the prime suspect.

Laura Lyons was just a pawn in the game of Stapleton, a Baskerville beneficiary, who persuaded Stapleton to ask, and then missed an evening meeting with Sir Charles. Attracted by Charles to the Gentiles, Stapleton released his furious pet, which frightened the immense nobleman and caused a heart attack.

In the dramatic final scene, Holmes and Watson use the younger Baskerville as bait to capture Stapleton without a hand.

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After Stapleton’s late dinner, Sir Henry returned home through the swamps, burdened only by Stapleton’s huge cap. Despite the thick fog, Holmes and Watson were able to overcome the beast, and Stapleton drowned in a moorland swamp during his frightened escape from the scene.

Beryl Stapleton, who had become Jack’s wife and not his brother, was found tied up in his house and refused to take part in his evil conspiracy.

Upon his return to London, Holmes ties the loose ends and announces that the shoes have been used to make Henry smell the dog, and a mysterious warning letter from Beryl Stapleton, whose deceitful husband refuses to marry her. to attract and use Laura Lyons. . Watson closed the case.


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About the Author

Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 at 11 Picardy Place in Edinburgh, Scotland. His father, Charles Altamont Doyle, was born Irish Catholic in Ireland and his mother Mary (née Foley) was Irish Catholic. His parents were married in 1855.

The family split in 1864 due to Charles’ increased alcoholism, and the children moved temporarily across Edinburgh. While studying at Newington Academy, Arthur lived with his friend Mary Burton at Liberton Bank House on Gilmerton Road.

Arthur Conan Doyle - Illustration - Wikipedia Image

In 1867 the family reunited and lived in a squalid flat at 3 Sciennes Place. Doyle’s father died in 1893 in Crichton Royal, Dumfries, after many years of mental illness. From an early age, Doyle wrote lifelong letters to his mother, many of which have survived.

Supported by wealthy uncles, Doyle was sent to England at the age of nine (1868-1870) to attend the Jesuit preparatory school at Hodder Place, Stonyhurst, Lancashire. He then attended Stonyhurst College, where he lived until 1875. Doyle was dissatisfied with Stonyhurst, but said he had no good memories of him because the school was run according to medieval principles.

The subject was just members. the basics of rhetoric. and Euclidean geometry and algebra and the classics. Doyle later noted that this discipline could only be tolerated “if there is a demand that it can be a kind of mental dumbbell that improves the mind, no matter how foolish an exercise may be.”

He also noted that he considered the school violent and preferred the threat of corporal punishment and conscious humiliation over sympathy and tenderness. From 1875 to 1876 he studied at the Jesuit school of Stella Matotina in Feldkirch, Austria.

His family decided to spend a year there to improve their German and expand their educational horizons. He later renounced Catholicism and became an agnostic, spending less time in the Austrian school of spirituality. You can download the hound of the baskervilles pdf or flip book above this heading. Also, if you want to read more about the author then go check it out here: Arthur C. D – Wiki.

Final Words on The Hound of the Baskervilles PDF / FLIP eBook

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