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The Long Trail Pdf – About The Book
Author: Herbert Strang
Total Pages (PDF) 190
Total Pages (FLIP) 190
Pdf Size 3.565 MB
Flip Size 47.330 MB
Language English
Genre Textbooks
Rights Herbert Strang (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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The Long Trail Pdf Book Summary

On the evening of a specific day in spring a party of eighteen men was walking through the rough, shrub covered country close to the north-western corner of Lake Chad, in Northern Nigeria.

It comprised of two white men, in khaki and sun caps, and sixteen sturdy Hausas, wearing only their undergarments, however carrying on their heads boxes and heaps of every kind imaginable. The white men and nine of the negroes had rifles thrown over their backs.

They were walking tediously. Since early morning, nearly ceaselessly, they had been walking their strenuous way over dry and desolate land, just once finding a water-opening at which they had the option to slake their consuming thirst.

the long trail pdf

For most of the day the sun had beat upon them savagely; yet the sky was presently overclouded, and a sharp north-east wind had jumped up — the harmattan of the desert — blowing full in front of them, stinging their skins and filling mouths and ears and nostrils with the particles of fine dark residue which it cleared along in its devastating course.

The tainted transporters, who were wont to breathe life into the walk with tune and chat, were presently quiet.

The two Englishmen ahead of time, twisting forward to keep the coarseness out of their eyes, jaunted along, one next to the other, with a quality of downfall and weakness.

About the Author

Herbert Strang was the pen name two English creators, George Herbert Ely (1866-1958) and Charles James L’Estrange (1867-1947). They spent significant time recorded as a hard copy experience stories for young men, both verifiable and present day.

The two men were staff individuals from Oxford University Press, which distributed their books, providing them with a patina of societal position and endorsement for the guardians of their expected readership.

Their work showed an expansive general obligation to that of Jules Verne; Round the World in Seven Days was quite possibly of their most famous book. Ely and L’Estrange have been named “well known authors of magnificent fiction” and “replacements of G. A. Henty”.

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