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So this is the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia called The Magicians Nephew Pdf and Flip. We have it available in pdf and flip and it is your choice to download which one you like.

BUT before you go ahead and do so we want to give you a quick glimpse to the book itself and explain a little about it. Also we want to show you a little presentation on what the book looks like when you open it with FLIP.

AND by the way YOU DONT NEED A SINGLE SOFTWARE to run our FLIP books. They run solely just like the notepad and paint does.

So amazing right?

Now let’s take a quick introduction to the book itself. We will paraphrase the first chapter with our own words below.

The Magicians Nephew Pdf Paraphrased

THIS IS A STORY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED quite a while in the past when your granddad was a kid. It is a significant story since it shows how all the comings and goings between our own reality and the place that is known for Narnia initially started.

In those days Mr. Sherlock Holmes was all the while living in Baker Street and the Bast-ables were searching for treasure in the Lewisham Road. Back then, in the event that you were a kid you needed to wear a hardened Eton collar each day, and schools were typically nastier than now. Yet, suppers were more pleasant; and with respect to desserts, I won’t reveal to you how modest and great they were, on the grounds that it would just make your mouth water to no end. Furthermore, in those days there lived in London a young lady called Polly Plummer.

She lived in one of a long line of houses which were totally combined. One mor-ning she was out in the back nursery when a kid mixed up from the nursery nearby and put his face over the divider.

The Magicians Nephew Pdf VS Flip

So as much as you can tell from the little article above about The Magicians Nephew Pdf chapter 1 this is an extraordinary book. The best one for kids and it’s the fantasy book of course.

Now imagine reading this amazing book with in FLIP that we make specifically for you to enjoy and gain the NEW experience.

Take a look at the image below where we explain what you can see once you download the magicians nephew book in flip.

the magicians nephew pdf

This really looks absolutely fabulous. We make sure to give you the BEST possible experience you would ever experience in your life while reading your favorite books.

And take a look at the image above, this is really the book on another level, looks so beautiful and we’re 100% sure you gonna love it.

So, now take a look at the second image below which explains how to start flipping some pages.

the magician's nephew pdf

All you have to do in order to start flipping some pages is really simple. Press and Hold on any of the corners of the pages and just flip to the other side.

That’s all, so how simple that was?

Now we will paraphrase the rest of the chapters below from the magicians nephew pdf book.

The Magicians Nephew Pdf Paraphrased Part 1

Polly was exceptionally astounded in light of the fact that up till now there had never been any youngsters in that house, however just Mr. Ketterley and Miss Ketterley, a sibling and sister, old lone ranger and old servant, living respectively. So she looked into, loaded with interest. The substance of the odd kid was grimy. It could barely have been grubbier on the off chance that he had first focused on his hands the earth, and afterward had a decent cry, and afterward dried his face with his hands. As a matter of fact, this was very

nearly what he had been doing.
“Hullo,” said Polly.
“Hullo,” said the boy. “What’s your name?”
“Polly,” said Polly. “What’s yours?”
“Digory,” said the boy.
“I say, what a funny name!” said Polly.
“It isn’t half so funny as Polly,” said Digory.
“Yes it is,” said Polly.
“No, it isn’t,” said Digory.

“At any rate I do wash my face,” said Polly, “which is what you need to do; espe- cially after—” and then she stopped.


There Is More To It Below

She had been going state “After you’ve been blubbing,” yet she felt that wouldn’t be affable.

“Okay, I have at that point,” said Digory in a lot stronger voice, similar to a kid who was hopeless to such an extent that he didn’t mind who realized he had been crying. “Thus would you,” he went on, “in the event that you’d carried on with for your entire life in the nation and had a horse, and a waterway at the lower part of the nursery, and afterward been brought to live in a brutal Hole this way.”

“London isn’t a Hole,” said Polly resentfully. However, the kid was excessively ended up to take any notification of her, and he went on—

“Furthermore, if your dad was away in India—and you needed to come and live with an Aunt and an Uncle who’s frantic (who might want that?)— and if the explanation was that they were taking care of your Mother—and in the event that your Mother was sick and was going to—going to—pass on.” Then his face went some unacceptable kind of shape as it does in case you’re attempting to hold back your tears.

“I didn’t have a clue. I’m heartbroken,” said Polly submissively. And afterward, on the grounds that she scarcely realized what to state, and furthermore to turn Digory’s psyche to lively subjects, she inquired:

“Is Mr. Ketterley truly distraught?”

“Well either he’s distraught,” said Digory, “or there’s some other secret. He has an examination on the highest level and Aunt Letty says I should never go up there. All things considered, that looks fishy regardless. And afterward there’s something else. At whatever point he attempts to express anything to me at dinner times—he never at any point attempts to converse with her—she generally quiets him down.

The Magicians Nephew Pdf and Flip Last Words

So as much as you could see in the above images and the text (if you’ve read it) we highly recommend you to download the magicians nephew the book 1 from The Chronicles of Narnia in FLIP.

And now you know exactly why we recommend the FLIP so much. Even though the magicians nephew pdf has all the illustrations the flip has.

But of course the difference is enourmous between pdf and flip books. So as much as it is your own choice to choose between which books you want to download weather it is the magicians nephew pdf or flip we strongly recommend you download the FLIP one.

If you would like to read more books like the magicians nephew pdf and flip you can do so here: BajrontBooks

And also if you’d like to read more about the Author of this amazing book then you can do so here as well: C.S. Lewis

If you have any questions what so ever then let us know in the comments section below and we will happily answer any questions you might have.

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