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The Night Fire By Michael Connelly is really an Amazing book. So THEY say, We mean all of us. Now, we have made this book in flip so that it looks like Reading a REAL book online.

– We really hope you gonna like it. Just a quick mention: you DON’T NEED any Software to open FLIP file. It runs solely on your system. Like a notepad does, you get it. Anyways.

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As you can see it REALLY Looks so beautiful. We have crafted it so that it suits your needs. You want to Read a Book?

Well, here is a book to read: ” The Night Fire By Michael Connelly ” in FLIP.
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We think it really is awesome using it, read books like this. And we highly recommend doing so.

Brief Introduction To The Night Fire By Michael Connely Book



Bosch arrived late and had to park on a cemetery lane far from the grave site.

Careful not to step on anybody’s grave, he limped through two memorial sections, his cane sinking into the soft ground, until he saw the gathering for John Jack Thompson.

It was standing room only around the old detective’s grave site and Bosch knew that wouldn’t work with his knee six weeks post-op.

He retreated to the nearby Garden of Legends section and sat on a concrete bench that was part of Tyrone Power’s tomb. He assumed it was okay since it was clearly a bench.

He remembered his mother taking him to see Power in the movies when he was a kid. Old stuff they would run in the revival theaters on Beverly.
He remembered the handsome actor as Zorro and as the accused

American in Witness for the Prosecution. He had died on the job, suffering a heart attack while filming a dueling scene in Spain. Bosch had always thought it wasn’t a bad way to go–doing what you loved.
The service for Thompson lasted a half hour.

Bosch was too far away to hear what was said but he could guess.  John Jack–he was always called that–was a good man who gave forty years of service to the Los Angeles Police Department in uniform and as a detective.

There is more to it …


He put many bad people away and taught generations of detectives how to do the same.

One of them was Bosch–paired with the legend as a newly minted homicide detective in Hollywood Division more than three decades earlier. Among other things, John Jack had taught Bosch how to read the tells of a liar in an interrogation room.

John Jack always knew when somebody was lying. He once told Bosch it took a liar to know a liar but never explained how he had come by that piece of wisdom.

Their pairing had lasted only two years because Bosch trained well and John Jack was needed to break in the next new homicide man, but the mentor and student had stayed in touch through the years.

Bosch spoke at Thompson’s retirement party, recounting the time they were
working a murder case and John Jack pulled over a bakery delivery
truck when he saw it turn right at a red light without first coming to a
complete stop.

Bosch questioned why they had interrupted their search for a murder suspect for a minor traffic infraction and John Jack said it
was because he and his wife, Margaret, were having company for dinner
that night and he needed to bring home a dessert.

He got out of their city-ride, approached the truck, and badged the driver. He told him he had just committed a two-pie traffic offense. But being a fair man, John
Jack cut a deal for one cherry pie and came back to the city car with that
night’s dessert.


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