The Prisoner of Zenda


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Description of the Book

The Prisoner of Zenda is an 1894 adventure novel by Anthony Hope, in which the King of Ruritania takes medicine before his country and cannot attend the festival.

Politics in the kingdom must be crowned for the king to remain on the throne. Fortunately, an Englishman vacationing in Ruritania is persuaded to look like a king and follow a religious order to save a terrible situation.



The Prisoner of Zenda Pdf – About The Book
Author: Anthony Hope
Total Pages (PDF) 162
Total Pages (FLIP) 162
Pdf Size 4.361 MB
Flip Size 32.943 MB
Language English
Genre The novel, Adventure Fiction
Rights Anthony Hope (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, better known as Anthony Hope (February 9, 1863 – July 8, 1933) was an English novelist and playwright. He wrote many unique adventure stories but only remembers two books.

The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) and its sequel, Rupert de Hentzau (1898). A “simple classic” of English literature, it gave rise to a genre called Ruritanian Romance, a book set in a European setting similar to fiction, set in what is now the country of Ruritania.

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Zenda has supported many changes. In particular, there is a 1937 Hollywood film of the same name and the year 1952.

Read more about the author here: Anthony Hope.



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