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The Richest Man in Babylon Pdf or Flip is a 1926 book by George S. Clason that dispenses financial advice through a collection of parables set 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon. The book remains in print almost a century after the parables were originally published, and is regarded as a classic of personal financial advice.

As many have asked already we gonna try and give you the clear answer on the most relevant question we had.

Q: Is The Richest Man in Babylon fiction or nonfiction?


A: The book remains in print almost a century after the parables were originally published, and is regarded as a classic of personal financial advice.
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The Richest Man In Babylon Pdf Summary
(2 Pages)

The Man Who Desired Gold

Bansir, the chariot builder of Babylon, was thoroughly discouraged. From his seat upon the low wall surrounding his property, he gazed sadly at his simple home and the open workshop in which stood a partially comp- leted chariot.

His wife frequently appeared at the open door. Her furtive glances in his direction reminded him that the meal bag was almost empty and he should be at work finishing the chariot, hammering and hewing, polishing and painting, stretching taut the leather over the wheel rims, preparing it for delivery so he could collect from his wealthy customer.

Nevertheless,’ his fat, muscular body sat stolidly upon the wall. His slow mind was struggling patiently with a problem for which he could find no answer. The hot, tropical sun, so typical of this valley of the Euphrates, beat down upon him mercilessly. Beads of perspiration formed upon his brow and trickled down unnoticed to lose themselves in the hairy jungle on his chest.

Beyond his home towered the high terraced walls surrounding the king’s palace. Nearby, cleaving the blue heavens, was the painted tower of the Temple of Bel. In the shadow of such grandeur was his simple home and many others far less neat and well cared for.

Babylon was like this—a mixture of grandeur and squalor, of dazzling wealth and direst poverty, crowded together without plan or system within the protecting walls of the city.

Behind him, had he cared to turn and look, the noisy chariots of the rich jostled and crowded aside the sandaled tradesmen as well as the barefooted beggars. Even the rich were forced to turn into the gutters to clear the way for the long lines of slave water carriers, on the ‘king’s business,’ each
bearing a heavy goatskin of water to be poured upon the hanging gardens.

The Richest Man In Babylon Pdf 2 Page …


Bansir was too engrossed in his own problem to hear or heed the confused hubbub of the busy city. It was the unexpected twanging of the strings from a familiar lyre that aroused him from his reverie. He turned and looked into the sensitive, smiling face of his best friend—Kobbi, the musician.

‘May the Gods bless thee with great liberality, my good friend,’ began Kobbi with an elabourate salute. ‘Yet, it does appear they have already been so generous thou needest not to labour.

I rejoice with thee in thy good fortune. More, I would even share it with thee. Pray, from thy purse which must be bulging else thou wouldst be busy in yon shop, extract but two humble shekels and lend them to me until after the noblemen’s feast this night.

Thou wilt not miss them ere they are returned.’
‘If I did have two shekels,’ Bansir responded gloomily, ‘to no one could I lend them—not even to you, my best of friends; for they would be my fortune—my entire fortune. No one lends his entire fortune, not even to his best friend.’


Final Thoughts On The Richest Man In Babylon Book
[PDF] + [FLIP]

While the book has so much to say, we don’t want to spoil more then the 2 pages of summary we already added. But, the one who reads The Richest Man In Babylon Pdf or Flip will get ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF VALUE!

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Also you can read more about the author of the book here: George S. Clason


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