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The Shepherd of the Hills Pdf – About The Book
Author: Harold Bell Wright
Total Pages (PDF) 212
Total Pages (FLIP) 212
Pdf Size 1.633 MB
Flip Size 38.224 MB
Language English
Genre Christian FIction, Allegory, Novel
Rights Harold Bell Wright (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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The Shepherd of the Hills Pdf Book Summary

The story tells the lives of mountain people who live in the Ozarks.

The main story revolves around the relationship between Grant “Old Matt” Matthews Senior and Dad Howitt, an old, mysterious, famous man who escapes the violent riots in the city to live in the Mutton Hollow neighborhood. Howitt spent time alone, acting as a mediator and friend of the Highlanders, trying to recover from his tragic past, which included the first deaths of his wife and children, and later believed in the madness and subsequent suicide of his only surviving children. , his son actor (later called “Mad Howard”).

Howitt’s exclusivity earned him the nickname “The Shepherd of The Hills,” but he befriended the Matthews clan (the strongest and most respected family in the area) who loved and trusted him. The common history of Old Matt and the Shepherd (of which only The Shepherd is initially known) includes Old Matt’s daughter, who died in childbirth (and Old Matt’s grandson), Pete Howard: Unknown to Matthews, Mad Howard is Pete’s father, and so is The Shepherd Pete’s grandfather. Years ago, Mad Howard returned home after painting in the mountains, and one of his paintings became as famous as his.

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The painting was of a beautiful young woman standing on the bank of a creek; the woman in the picture is the daughter of Old Matt, whom he loves. However, Mad Howard is of the opinion that his father’s pride in his family and place in society will never approve of his son’s marriage to his wife from Ozark. Mad Howard handed over his paintings and returned to the city, leaving his daughter old Matt’s impression that he would return.

When she returns to town, Mad Howard sends her a letter stating that her father does not approve of her marriage. However, he never told his father about old Matt’s daughter and her relationship with him; the secret sticks a wedge between the mad Howard and his father, though his father never understands why. Old Matt, meanwhile, promises to kill the man who left his daughter, as well as his father if he finds her.

Mad Howard’s love for old Matt’s daughter and his guilt for leaving gradually drove him crazy over the years. Eventually, Mad Howard claims to be committing suicide and giving up city life. He goes to the Ozarks and finds out that Old Matt’s daughter is dead, but she has a son who (like his father) suffers from mental instability.

Crazy Howard hides in the woods, lives like a hermit and tries to correct the mistakes he has made. Mad Howard is portrayed throughout the story as a spiritual man, disguised and constantly hidden in the shadows that only reveals to Pete (as a result, Pete is also believed to have some mental instability).

The shepherd suffered his own spiritual burglary through the alleged death of his son. Although the Shepherd was a pastor, he realized that he did not have real faith in the Good Shepherd, which he preached to others; this crisis of faith drove him to the brink.

Her doctor advised her to take a long vacation, to spend some time exploring the country, discovering and strengthening her faith. Eventually, she changed her name and moved to the hills to reunite with her son’s favorite.

Here he finally learns the secret of his son, the death of little Matthews and the birth of little Pete as his grandson. He hides it and his true identity from everyone because he knows Old Matt has promised revenge. The shepherd also hopes to do his best to compensate for his son’s actions and intends to spend the rest of his life helping these people and teaching them about the “true shepherd.” Read the plot here: TSOTH

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About the Author

Harold Bell Wright (May 4, 1872 – May 24, 1944) was America’s best-selling author of fiction, essays, and nonfiction. Although largely forgotten or ignored by the middle of the 20th century, he had a successful career; is said to be the first American author to sell a million copies of the novel and the first to make $ 1 million by writing fiction. Read or download the shepherd of the hills pdf or the flip eBook right above this paragraph, or keep reading about the author below, of course.

Harold Bell Wright, Los Angeles Daily News (2).jpg - source: wikipedia

Between 1902 and 1942, Wright wrote 19 books, various plays, and various magazine articles. More than 15 films have been made or claimed to be made from Wright’s stories, including Gary Cooper’s first major film The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926) and John Wayne’s The Shepherd. of the Hills (1941). Read more about Author here: Harold Bell Wright.

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