The Turn of The Screw Pdf book by Henry James (1898) free full download. The Turn of The Screw book is a a little dark, sinister and a claustrophobic, classic ghost story. It was first published back in 1898 and is a horror novella by Henry James.

If you would like to learn more about the book itself then make sure to stick around and read some more below as we’re about to uncover the mystery as best as we can. Perhaps you’ll be able to take note of what exactly this book might be like.

About The Book (Summary by BajrontBooks)

So, it was a Christmas eve, and Douglas was telling a story that was rather really scary and sinister to it’s core. It held all the people round the fire in an old house that very night and some were even crying. The story goes on to tell a sinister occurrence with a mother and her two Childs.

Namely, the story is a horror story that was continuously waking up an innocent child at night that was scared or should we say frightened to the bones, and was woken up not so that a mother could comfort it and get it back to sleep.

No, it was to get up and show his mom what was the encounter. What really held him up all the nights and why the child/children could not sleep at night. Mother was also freaked out once she found what was the real cause of her children to be held at night.

the turn of the screw pdf summary


Mother was actually more frightened for her children, and what could actually happen to them if she was to leave them alone if she must go somewhere and what not. The encounter they had, left them all shocked. So if you’d like to learn more read a plot here on wiki: The Turn of The Screw – Wiki Plot.

About The Author

Henry James was a book writer and screen artist and was born on April 15th 1843. He was regarded as a key transitional figure between literary realism and a literary modernism and was considered by many to be of the greatest novelist of the English Language.

He was the son of Henry James Sr. and a brother of a philosopher and psychologist William James. He wrote many novels, and one of them that had received and honored him with a great reputation was a book named The Turn of The Screw. Read more about the Author here: Henry James.

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Final words on The Turn of the Screw pdf and flip books

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