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The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Pdf – About The Book
Author: Hugh Lofting
Total Pages (PDF) 232
Total Pages (FLIP) 232
Pdf Size 4.202 MB
Flip Size 44.777 MB
Language English
Genre Fiction, Childrens Literature
Rights Hugh Lofting (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
Pdf / Flip Link Available For Free Download

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Pdf Book Summary

In England, Tommy Stubbins (narrator) finds a squirrel injured by a bat. Matthew Mugg, The Cat’s Meat Man, suggests that he seek help from Dr. Dolittle, who can talk to animals. The doctor was away on a trip, but when he returned, he added a squirrel.

Tommy meets some of the strange animals Dolittle takes care of, such as the Wiff-Waff fish, and those who take care of his household, such as the Dab-Dab duck and the Jip dog. A Polynesian parrot who arrived in Puddleby from Africa informs the doctor that Bumpo is studying in Bullford. Tommy began studying in Dolittle, or Polynesia, where Tommy learned animal language. Chee-Chee hails from Africa in disguise as a woman and tells Puddleby about her journey.

The doctor got The Curlew and thought they were going to marry Tommy, Polynesia and Luke the Hermit. He learns from Hermit’s dog Bob that Luke was sent to prison for murder. During the trial, Dolittle confirmed to the judge that she could communicate with the animals by talking to Bob, the animal witness, and translating Bob’s story into English. The judge concluded that the hermit was innocent.

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Later, Purple Bird of Paradise informs the Doctor that Long Arrow, the son of the Golden Arrow (the doctor’s friend), is missing. They play Blind Travel, which determines where they go in the world. They decide to travel to Spider Monkey Island to find Long Arrow.

The Doctor, Tommy, Bumpo and Polynesia begin to sail across the sea, but discover the sails and leave them in Penzance. Then they stopped on the islands of Capa Blanca in Spain. The doctor agrees with the bullfighters that if he wins the battle over them, they will stop stealing. Bumpo placed a side bet of 3,000 pesetas that the doctor would win.

The doctor talks to the bulls and they agree to follow the plan so that everyone thinks he has won them. When the battle ended and the doctor defeated the other bullfighters, the crew continued on their journey. The doctor shows Tommy that he has caught an English-speaking lizard, that he is consulting with him, and he knows that if he goes deeper, he will find the Great Glass Snail.

The storm destroyed the ship, leaving Tommy alone. The Purple Bird of Paradise tells him that his friends are on Spider Monkey Island. With the help of several brown fish, Tommy reaches the island and the crew.

After catching Jabizri, a rare beetle, Dolittle learns that the Long Arrow has been caught in Hawk’s Head Mountain. They tried to find a hole, but failed. They used the Jabizri to find it. When they see a piece of mountain, they dig under it until it collapses and the Long Arrow is free.

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About the Author

Hugh John Lofting (January 14, 1886 – September 26, 1947) was an English author graduated as a civil engineer and created the classic figure of Dolittle’s children’s literature. He first shows the letters described to his children, written by Lofting from the trenches of the British Army during the First World War. Read or download a free version of the voyages of doctor dolittle pdf and flip ebooks right above this paragraph or keep reading more about author below.

Lofting as a young man

Lofting, born in January 1886 in Maidenhead, Berkshire, Elizabeth Agnes (Gannon) and John Brien Lofting, was of English and Irish descent. His eldest sister Hilary Lofting later became an Australian writer who emigrated there in 1915. Read more about author: Hugh Lofting.

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