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The Wind in the Willows Pdf – About The Book
Author: Kenneth Graham
Total Pages (PDF) 162
Total Pages (FLIP) 162
Pdf Size 2.393 MB
Flip Size 36.195 MB
Language English
Genre Children Literature, Fiction, Picture Book
Rights Kenneth Graham (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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The Wind in the Willows Pdf Book Summary by BajrontBooks

The stories tell the adventures of many animal friends and neighbors in rural England – especially the Mole, Rats, Toads and Das. Although animals communicate, philosophize, and behave like humans, each creature also maintains its own distinct animal habits.

The story begins when the Mole one morning decides to go to the river bank instead of a spring cleaning lady. There he found his friend the rat water rat and they were together in the spring and summer. One day he will visit a restless, generous and proud Mr. Toad, owner of Toad Hall, with a lot of money, but not a lot of brains.

The toad got fashionable and the Mole and the Rat accompanied him on an excursion to his current enthusiasm, a horse-drawn caravan (a car with beds and kitchen utensils), to the sound that the car frightened the horses and destroyed the caravan. The toad was enjoying the car. Mol and Rat later go to the Wild Tree to visit the kind and responsible Dase, whom the toad reports has bought and destroyed several cars.

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Three friends tried to intervene to prevent Toad from buying and destroying several cars. Despite their efforts to stop him, Toad escaped, and when he hit an unattended car, he stole it. He was inevitably arrested and imprisoned. Nevertheless, the prison warden’s daughter took pity on him and helped him escape. After many adventures, the toad is finally saved by the Rat.

He knows that in his absence, Toad Hall was ruled by weasels and weasels, but Badger learns that Toad Hall has passed through a secret tunnel and the invaders are driven to the climax of the battle, followed by a banquet.

During Toad’s adventures, the other three main characters experience quieter events, especially in the lyrical chapters “Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” in which the god Pan appears, who is not mentioned to help the Mole and the missing son of the Otter. , and “Wayfarers. All,” in which the Rat is almost mesmerized by the stories told by the sea rat.

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About the Author

Kenneth Grahame (/ˈɡreɪ.əm/ GRAY-əm; March 8, 1859 – July 6, 1932) was a Scottish writer born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He became famous mainly thanks to the film Wind in the Willows (1908), one of the classics of children’s literature, and also the film Reluctant Dragon. Read or download the free version of the wind in the willows pdf and flip eBooks right above this paragraph.

The two books were later adapted for stage and film, with AA Milne’s Toad of Toad Hall, partly based on The Wind in the Willows, being the first. Other adaptations include The Wind in the Willows of Cosgrove Hall Films (and a long-running television series) and Walt Disney movies (The Adventures of Ichaboda and Mr. Toad and The Relucant Dragon).

Grahame in 1910

Kenneth Grahame was born on March 8, 1859 in Edinburgh. When he was over a year old, his father, a lawyer, was appointed sheriff’s deputy in Argyllshire, Inveraray on Loch Fyne.

When he was five years old, his mother died in the dormitory and his father, who had drinking problems, entrusted the care of Kenneth, his brother Willie, his sister Helen and the newborn Roland to his grandmother, a maternal grandmother. , from Cookham. Dean of Cookham Village in Berkshire. Learn more about the Author here: Kenneth Grahame.

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