Two Indian Children of Long Ago


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Description of the Book

We are pleased with being Americans. Yet, we should not fail to remember that the Indians once claimed all of America, north and south and east and west. The Indians were the principal Americans of whom we read.

No individuals at any point had a more noteworthy love for their property, and no race has at any point removed more delight from entryway life. After Columbus found the New World, white men came from Europe to make their homes here.

As time went on they drove the Indians increasingly far west and removed their hunting grounds.



Two Indian Children of Long Ago – About The Book
Author: Frances Lilian Taylor
Total Pages (PDF) 90
Total Pages (FLIP) 90
Pdf Size 2.764 MB
Flip Size 24.649 MB
Language English
Genre Fiction, Novel
Rights Frances Lilian Taylor (71+ Years of Death – Public Domain!)
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About the Author

Frances Lilian Taylor

(Taylor, Frances Lilian, -1931)

Not much information is found about this author, but you can read some more info on the link down below and check the other books that have been published too.

Read more about the author here: Frances Lilian Taylor.



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