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So, before we go deep into this article we have to say that winnetou – the apache knight [vol1] is one of the greatest western books.

There is so many people out there that love reading good old western books, so we had to add it to our collection. 🙂

Now here is the little comparison to why you’d want to chose the FLIP over Pdf…


Winnetou Pdf VS Flip Comparison

So, why do we recommend you FLIP over Pdf in each and every single one of our books?

To find the real reasons stick till the end of this article and you’ll find out the EXACT reasons to why!

Take a look at the image below. It represents what you can see when you have just opened up the Winnetou Book in Flip.

winnetou pdf

So, as you can see this looks absolutely AMAZING! The number one reason we highly recommend you download FLIP is obvious right?

Now, take a look at the toolbar that is made to easen the readiness of your favorite books.

Last but not least, you DON’T Need any SOFTWARE to open up FLIP! Yes, you hear that RIGHT!

It runs literally solely like NOTEPAD or PAINT does. 🙂

Now, take a look at the second image below that describes to you how to exactly start Flipping’  some pages.

winnetou pdf download

So, you click (press / hold) down your mouse on any of the corners of the page and you just FLIP it. Literally like you’d do with the REAL book (hand-book).

Isn’t that just FABULOUS?

We know, we feel you. Now, that you know our reasons of making this beautiful flip books JUST for YOU. To make your experience even better.

Since we’re all used to pdf books. And most of the time it takes a lot of effort to download REAL pdf book you were trying to find, right?

That’s why we’re here. We want to revolutionize the way you read your favorite books.

And without further ado, you can read a little pdf summary of the winnetou pdf book below.


Winnetou Pdf Book Summary (1st Page)

winnetou pdf free download


IT is not necessary to say much about myself. First of all because there is not very much to tell of a young fellow of twenty-three, and then because I hope what I have done and seen will be more interesting than I am, for, between you and me, I often find Jack Hildreth a dull kind of person, espe- cially on a rainy day when I have to sit in the house alone with him.

When I was born three other children had preceded me in the world, and my father’s dreamy blue eyes saw no way of providing suitably for this su- perfluous fourth youngster.

And then my uncle John came forward and said: “Name the boy after me, and I’ll be responsible for his future.”

Now Uncle John was rich and unmarried, and though my father could never get his mind down to anything more practical than deciphering cuneiform inscriptions, even he saw that this changed the unflattering prospects of his latest-born into unusually smiling ones.
So I became Jack Hildreth secundus, and my uncle nobly fulfilled his part of the contract.

He kept me under his own eye, gave me a horse before my legs were long enough to bestride him, nevertheless expecting me to sit him fast, punished me well if I was quarrelsome or domineering with other boys, yet punished me no less surely if when a quarrel was forced upon me I showed the white feather or failed to do my best to whip my enemy.
“Fear God, but fear no man. Never lie, or sneak, or truckle for favor. Ne- ver betray a trust. Never be cruel to man or beast.

Never inflict pain deli- berately, but never be afraid to meet it if you must. Be kind, be honest, be daring. Be a man, and you will be a gentleman.” This was my uncle’s simple code; and as I get older, and see more of life, I am inclined to think there is none better.


Winnetou Pdf Book Summary (2nd Page)

My uncle sent me to the Jesuit college, and I went through as well as I could, because he trusted me to do so.

I did not set the college world afire, but I stood fairly in my classes, and was first in athletics, and my old soldier uncle cared for that with ill-concealed pride.

When I left the student’s life, and began to look about on real life and wonder where to take hold of it, I was so restless and overflowing with health and strength that I could not settle down to anything, and the fever for life on the plains came upon me.

I longed to be off to the wild and woolly West—the wilder and woollier the better—before I assumed the shackles of civilization forever.

“Go if you choose, Jack,” my uncle said. “Men are a better study than books, after you’ve been grounded in the latter. Begin the study in the pri- mer of an aboriginal race, if you like; indeed it may be best. There’s plenty of time to decide on your future, for, as you’re to be my heir, there’s no pressing need of beginning labor.”


Winnetou Pdf VOL1 The Apache Knight Final Thoughts

So, as you could see above to why we highly recommend you download flip book. You should go ahead and do so immeditealy.

But of course, winnetou pdf book has all the same content that flip has the difference is obvious.

The looks, the ease of use, the experience and everything you get with FLIP is just priceless!

You can download Winnetou Pdf or Flip. The choice remains yours, but now you know the real truth. 🙂

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Or, if you want to learn more about the Author of this book you can do so here: Karl May

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